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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Boston Public Radio interviews Belfast Project Director Ed Moloney

Transcript of Boston Public Radio interview with Ed Moloney. It featured in Boston College Subpoena News on 15 July 2014.

Jim Braude (JB) and Margery Eagan (ME) interview journalist Ed Moloney (EM) the director of the Boston College oral history project about the impact of the fallout of the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s (PSNI) subpoenas for the project’s archives.

Boston Public RadioWGBH Radio 89.7FM

JB: We’re going to try to give you the latest developments and back story to the Boston College Belfast oral history project in maybe forty-five seconds or fewer. For five years as you probably know BC collected interviews with those who were part of the sectarian violence that ruled Northern Ireland. These interviews were done with assurances given to the interviewees that everything would remain confidential. But as you probably know in 2011, the federal government subpoenaed BC and ultimately the school handed over some of these interviews to the British authorities who are investigating the murder of a widowed mother of ten, Jean McConville, and ultimately resulted in the arrest of the leader of Sinn Féin, Gerry Adams, and threatened, according to many, a still fragile peace.
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Running Orders - a Poem by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

TPQ reproduces this deeply moving poem about the slaughter of the Palestinians. It was composed by Lena Khalaf Tuffaha.
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The Reality of Mental Illness doesn’t fit into a Sanitised Sound Bite

Sinead Fallon tackles the media handling of mental illness. It featured in The Journal on 19 July 2014 and is reproduced by TPQ with the author's permission.

Sinead Fallon
 When the media highlights mental illness it’s the same story all the time, on the TV or on the radio – an average young man who feels down.

Monday, July 21, 2014

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Netanyahu Calling a Spade a Shovel

  • I’m afraid that this is another 1948. God forbid. We were driven out in 1948 and we are being driven out again now -  Wadha Abu Amr.

As Israel persists with its wanton destruction of civilian life in Gaza, the Zionists are not getting things all their own way. The highest number of Israeli military fatalities sustained in a single day’s fighting, for many years, took place on Sunday. With the same sort of spirit that fuelled the anti-Nazi resistance from the bowels of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Palestinians have come out from the rubble of their homes and fought.
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Israel – living and killing on United States aid

Steven Katsineris with a piece he wrote for the Guardian (Communist Party of Australia paper) about the US role in backing state terrorism in the Middle East. It featured on 18 May 2011 and is as relevant today as it was then. Steven Katsineris is an Australian free-lance writer of articles on Palestine, Cyprus and the rest of the Middle East region, political prisoners and human rights, environmental and social issues. He has been actively involved in the Palestine solidarity movement for over forty years. Steven lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia.
Over the past decade the USA has attempted to promote itself as a mediator in the Middle East conflict and sought to impose a peace process on the region. Yet despite sponsoring initiatives to try to resolve the Palestinian Problem, the US has repeatedly exposed its bias by again and again blocking any criticism off and measures against Israel at the UN. This support of Israeli policies has allowed Israel to continue to defy with impunity long standing UN resolutions that demand Israel withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories, stop the construction of illegal Israeli settlements on conquered Palestinian land and permit the return of Palestinian refugees.
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Déjà Vu in Gaza: Israeli Defence Forces expand their ground operation in Gaza

Alfie Gallagher with a piece on the continuing murderous assault being waged by Zionist Israel on the civilian population of Gaza. It appeared on his blog Left From The West on 20 July 2014.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Challenging Wrong Assumptions

Guest writer Christy Walsh tackles the assumption that the IRA can be held responsible for wrongful imprisonment arising from the Northern conflict.

I am disturbed by Cathal MacCoille's shifting of responsibility that the IRA forced the British Legal System into arresting, beating and finally imprisoning the wrong people. As far as I know Gerry Conlon never shared Mr MacCoille's view and neither do I.
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Cutting Through Kilkenny's Heart

Alfie Gallagher with a piece on the Kilkenny Central Access Scheme controversy. It featured in his blog Left From the West on 18 July 2014

Pile driver at the CAS construction site in Kilkenny City

There is something rotten in a country that pours concrete over its heritage. That is what we do in Ireland though. We did it to Wood Quay in the early 1980s and to the Tara Valley in 2007-10. Now Kilkenny City is the crosshairs of the concrete fusiliers. Instead of completing the construction of the existing ring road around the city, Kilkenny County Council wants to build a heavy-duty central access road with a large garish bridge right through the city's beautiful medieval heart. It's just another cynical, short-sighted, back-of-the-envelope half-measure that typifies infrastructure planning in Ireland.

CAS plan

Local people who oppose the Central Access Scheme (CAS) have been protesting day and night for the past two weeks in an effort to stop the construction of the bridge and to preserve the historical section of the city. The protesters had expected their standoff with the county council to reach its climax yesterday with the planned arrival of a heavy-duty pile driver at the construction site. Around fifty of them blocked the entrance to the site in order to keep this huge machine out.

Anti-CAS protest
However, at four o'clock this morning, when only two protesters were keeping watch due to the heavy rain overnight, dozens of Gardaí – including a few officers in riot gear – cleared the entrance and escorted the pile driver and several truckloads of heavy machinery onto the site. Though news quickly spread of the surprise Gardaí operation, people trying to return to the protest were prevented from doing so by the Gardaí, who took the extraordinary step of blocking the access roads to the site. According to the Kilkenny People, even residents of the area around the site said that the Gardaí prevented them from passing through until the operation had been completed. If only our police force were as enthusiastic about rooting out the endemic corruption in its own ranks as it is about destroying Kilkenny's unique cityscape.

Gardaí clear the site entrance at 4 a.m.
Despite this setback, the anti-CAS activists are continuing their protest. They held a demonstration at the site again this afternoon and a delegation from the various anti-CAS groups will meet with Kilkenny County Council on Monday. Given the track record of our elected representatives for both ignorance and idiocy, I expect nothing from the councillors but bland platitudes and buzzwords like "progress" and "growth".

Some things are worth fighting for regardless of the final outcome. The anti-CAS campaign is one of them. If Ireland's county councillors had their way, they would probably cover the entire island with motorways, shopping centres, offices, apartment blocks and car parks. It is time we started to preserve what is beautiful about our country instead of destroying and "developing" it. Stopping the central access schemers from cutting through Kilkenny's heart would be the perfect first step.

To help stop the CAS, sign this online petition. For information and updates about the protest, visit the anti-CAS campaign page on Facebook.
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Terrorists Killed in Gaza

Overnight it was reported that 3 terrorists had been shot dead in Gaza by Palestinian resistance fighters. They were part of a large terrorist phalanx engaged in Israel’s SS mission of Search and Slaughter Palestinian children as a strategic means of destroying the morale of a civilian population. The objective, cower Gaza society into abject submission.

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Gaza Screams

This morning, a poem reflecting on Gaza, written by  Sean Maguire, a Belfast born writer who grew up in the Lower Falls. He is a social, political and human rights activist.

Bombs rained down on Palestinian heads
Babies blown apart in broken beds
Parents scream at a cloudless sky
“What was the sin of our dead children?”
Why did they have to die?