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Saturday, September 20, 2014

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Little Trust in the Bloody Sunday Trust

Guest writer Vincent Coyle raises questions for the Bloody Sunday Trust.

Vincent Coyle and Ivan Cooper

On September 17th I attended an information meeting on the Bloody Sunday Trust which was facilitated by the Hollywell Trust at their newly opened multi million pound centre in Derry. The Bloody Sunday Trust Chairperson Julieann Campbell gave a presentation on the Trust's background, purpose and redevelopment plans for the Museum of Free Derry.
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Sinn Fein Votes for Tory Cuts

Michael Doherty sharing some thoughts he tried to inject into a Sinn Fein discussion but seemed unable to get them past the censor. 

I posted the comments below to the Derry Sinn Fein Facebook page in response to their poster and petition campaign against "Tory Cuts". It appears to have been removed, so I'll post on my own page and hope for a response ...
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Scottish Referendum shows – There are no short cuts to Freedom

Stephen McCourt with a piece on the Scottish referendum. It featured in the RNU website on 19 September 2014.

The referendum on Scottish independence was met with great anticipation, hope and fear by a mass of Scottish people. The people of Scotland came out in their millions to cast their ballots in order to decide if Scotland would become an independent nation or if it would remain in the blood stained hands of the British ruling class for years to come.
An escapee from the 17th Century

Friday, September 19, 2014

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U2, Apple and Scottish Independence Bid

Sandy Boyer with his regular update on what Radio Free Eireann is bringing to its listeners this weekend.

Radio Free Eireann will discuss U2's deal with Apple and the failure of the Scottish independence referendum on Saturday September 20 at 1 pm New York time.

Harry Browne, the author of Frontman a very much unauthorized biography of Bono, will talk to us about Apple's deal to distribute U2's new album "Songs of Innocence" for free.
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Massive Let Down

Guest writer Sean Bresnahan with a personal reflection on this morning's result in Scotland and what it should mean for the future in both Scotland and in Ireland.

The result in Scotland this morning is a massive let-down for us all but we should remain fully conscious that nationhood and sovereignty are not and never can be predicated on a vote of any description - for they are inviolable. Scotland tried and it failed but there's no shame in that failure and there's certainly no shame in the trying. And try we will again. 
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Shinners Have 'Scot' to Act Fast! DUP Stance Puts Stormont at Risk

John Coulter with this weeks column from the Irish Daily Star. It featured in Newshound on 16 September 2014.

The Shinners must save Stormont otherwise they risk being backed into a blind alley by Robbo's Dupers.

It's somewhat ironic that Sinn Féin must save the partitionist Northern Assembly, a parliament which the Shinners' military wing, the IRA, tried for decades to destroy.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Jimmy de Clampet and Ian de Klerk

Which brings me back to Paisley. Increasingly I think we must need our heads examined ... who could work with this one-man Executive? He is ill-mannered, arrogant, pompous and bigoted. We want the North to change, to modernise, and not to be stuck in the sixteenth century having the Protestant Reformation shoved down our throats. What an advertisement he would be around the world. We would be a laughing stock. We would be building on gas. I thank God that Paisley is terrified of being First Minister ...  Danny Morrison, 2006.

The Jimmy Simple Column lauding Peaceful Paisley.

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You Really Can Make a Difference.

Guest writer Steven Katsineris calls on people to go the extra step and don't leave activism to a press of the "like" button on Facebook. Steven Katsineris is an Australian free-lance writer of articles on Palestine, Cyprus and the rest of the Middle East region, political prisoners and human rights, environmental and social issues. He has been actively involved in the Palestine solidarity movement for over forty years. Steven Katsineris lives with his family in Melbourne, Australia. 

While likes and people’s comments and feedback on Facebook or other social media are a certain good, if there is some action you can do to help some of the dire situations going on around the world then please take a little time to act. Go to a protest rally, a march or a meeting or talk, write or message your friends, family and to other people about these issues. Signing petitions, writing letters to newspapers, politicians and companies, may seem a small thing and unproductive, but it does make a big difference, especially if they see its not from the usual known activists or organisations, but ordinary people who are concerned enough to write to them or sign a petition. Likes are nice, but actions can change things.
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Bob Lording it Over the Scots

The late Brian Mór drew this in the early 80's at a time when Bob Geldof was condemning Irish Americans for supporting the Republican Movement.  In recent times "Sir Robert" has taken up his righteous hammer of the gods to batter down the Scots.
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A Day of Huge Significance

Galbally's Plunkett Nugent on Scotland, Ireland and the ongoing struggle for Independence. The contribution to the discussion featured as an 'op-ed' piece on the website of the 1916 Societies. The writer, Plunkett Nugent, is a lifelong Irish republican from the Galbally area in East Tyrone and a founding member of the PH Pearse Society Galbally/Cappagh. As a keen advocate of human rights he works as a Barrister At Law and is highly valued in his local community, with his many and varied contributions to local politics, history and culture widely respected in Galbally, its hinterland and beyond.

The 1916 Societies take this opportunity to forward best wishes to the Scottish people ahead of their vote for independence and encourage all those with a vote to use that vote, to vote ‘Yes’ and vote for independence – 1916 Societies

This is a day of huge political significance as Scotland goes to the polls, a day which may well bring the so-called United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to an end. Whatever the result, this binding exercise in national self-determination is in itself an outright triumph for those who have brought our neighbouring country to this crucial juncture. Far from the constitutional paralysis offered by the naysayers in the six-counties, our ‘Celtic Cousins’ have been enjoying the political equivalent of the Aurora Borealis which has been so accurately and eloquently described as ‘a two year festival of democracy’.

Informed international political opinion agrees that this represents ‘the Canary in the Coalmine’. A YES vote, in the face of the might of the Westminster axis, will send deeply felt tremors throughout the embedded political elites of Europe, re-energising the Catalans, the Basque People and the Flemish-speaking areas of Belgium. Even a narrow vote in favour of the status quo ensures that ‘all is changed utterly’. In promising and delivering such an opportunity to the Scottish electorate, in determining the historically significant date on which the vote is to be held, in shaping the response for Scottish independence in the affirmative and in extending the franchise to everyone over sixteen, the Scottish people have acted as an independent state in embryo. Nothing can or ever will be the same again and the old British constitutional order is torn asunder.

Yet many in Ireland are strangely muted on this issue and content to remain ‘mere spectators’. Not for them the courage or conviction of the James Connolly’s of this world, who fought across national boundaries in the cause of freedom, justice and the rights of man. Internationalism, an integral cornerstone of Irish republicanism and clearly evidenced in the 1916 Proclamation, has for some become an uncomfortable fact of political life.

Today also marks the one hundredth anniversary of Britain’s betrayal of the Redmondites, who having misplaced their trust in the Westminster Parliament to deliver Home Rule for all of Ireland were ‘rewarded for their loyalty’ on the 18th September 1914 with not one but two pieces of legislation; one delivering Home Rule and the other suspending it indefinitely ‘Until the War Ends’. Perfidious Albion in all its true glory, a betrayal sealed with the blood of thousands of young Irishmen in the slaughter of WW1, with redemption delivered only by the willingness of the men and women of the Easter Rising to ‘sacrifice themselves for the common good’ of the Irish nation.

The subsequent democratic endorsement of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic by an overwhelming majority of all the Irish people was predicated on Sinn Féin’s 1918 election manifesto, which proclaimed that ‘the right of a nation to sovereign independence rests upon immutable natural law and cannot be made the subject of a compromise’. It excoriated those who ‘in a supreme crisis for the nation, attempted to sell her birthright for the vague promises of English Ministers, and who showed their incompetence by failing to have even these promises fulfilled’. Almost a century later those who participate in what Connolly described as British ‘Ruling by Fooling’ continue to vest Ireland’s right to self-determination under the subjective control of a single British Minister whose ‘vague promises’ cannot be held in any way to account.

Others choose to challenge this affront to democracy. The James Connolly Society Scotland has been in the vanguard of the campaign for the freedom of small nations. Humbled that they are now formally affiliated to the 1916 Societies we are immensely proud of the part, however small, that those of us on this side of the Straits of Moyle have, through them, played in helping the people of Scotland in their efforts to achieve the first step to complete political independence. We are supremely confident that our Scottish comrades will not be found wanting when Ireland’s time, through a One Ireland-One Vote single referendum on Irish Unity, presents itself and allows our beloved country the opportunity to finally ‘take her place among the nations of the world’.