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Friday, December 19, 2014

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PSNI Liars

Ed Moloney flags up a PSNI deception in The Broken Elbow.


This is from Peter Sefton’s blog and arises from email correspondence between us today. This is an outrageous lie by the PSNI. No-one from the police in Northern Ireland has ever attempted to speak to me about the contents of my book ‘A Secret History of the IRA’. I will support Peter in whatever action he chooses to take against the PSNI over this matter.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Urgent Appeal For Help

Anthony Connor, a local social justice activist, with an urgent appeal on behalf of a family in dire need of assistance. TPQ will be making a contribution and calls on any of its readers to do whatever they feel able to.

A local Drogheda family has come to my attention. They need urgent help for Christmas. Through no fault of their own they have found themselves in a very helpless situation.
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Dear Mr. Cameron, Come Take a Walk With Me

In a piece written prior to the recent Northern time wasting talks Julie Anne Corr Johnston invited Tory Prime Minister David Cameron to have a look at some real deprivation in the North rather than waste political time on sham crises.  Julie Anne Corr Johnston is a member of the Progressive Unionist Party and a councillor for the Oldpark Ward in North Belfast.  TPQ has lifted the piece from Long Kesh Inside Out,      
Julie Anne Corr Johnston

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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No Reason for Controversy

The following is a response by Martin Galvin to an article printed on the Irish Central blog attacking Martin Galvin's being honored as an Aide to the Grand Marshal in New York's St Patrick's Day Parade.

New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade was a symbol of Irish achievement and traditions when such symbols were few. It was a beacon of hope for Irish freedom when such hopes seemed unattainable. As one who cherishes this parade, I was grateful and honored to be nominated as Aide to the Grand Marshal by Bronx County AOH. Cardinal Dolan being Grand Marshal, made it more special. It is therefore disappointing that anyone should hype controversy by misrepresenting my beliefs and background.
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Meet America’s Burke & Hare, The Psychologists Behind CIA Torture

Ed Moloney with a piece from The Broken Elbow on US torture.
Former members of the Provisional IRA will be very familiar with the chilling soubriquet ‘Burke & Hare’, that was applied to the two figures who dominated the IRA’s spy-catching Internal Security Unit during the latter part of the Troubles.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

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Victorious Vikki

  • It isn’t just about water. This is about who paid for the last six years and who paid the gambling debts of an anonymous elite whose names have never been revealed – Ruth Coppinger.

Failing to make it to the big water protest in Dublin last Wednesday was a disappointment, given the enthusiasm invigorated as a result of the local protest against compulsory meter enforcement in Rosevale. There was a clash of schedules so I opted to attend to my gnashers rather than exercise my social responsibility. On arrival in the dentists I learned that due to some discrepancy in the fitting process I was rescheduled. I could have made the protest after all. Which was something of a bummer given that many of those who had taken part in the protest in our own estate had made the journey.  
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‘Proud Irishman, Friend And Patriot’

‘Proud Irishman, Friend And Patriot’ – John Crawley Reflects On The Life And Death Of Volunteer Liam Ryan 25 Years On From His Murder. The piece earlier featured in the website of the 1916 Societies.

Lough Shore Martyrs

At the recent 25th anniversary commemoration to Volunteer Liam Ryan in Ardboe, his friend and comrade John Crawley spoke to those gathered, paying tribute to Liam’s sacrifice and the cause for which he died.
* * *

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Time For International Action

Herman Wainggai
TPQ carries a call from Herman Wainggai, Federal Republic of West Papua‘s representative to the United Nations. It was submitted to TPQ by Steven Katsineris.
The different colonial history of Timor Leste/East Timor and West Papua Melanesia.

Monday, December 15, 2014

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‘The Conditions do not Exist for a Return to Violence’

This article first appeared in the Derry Journal last Friday, December 12, 2014. The following is an interview with Martin Galvin, former Director of NORAID who recently visited Derry and spoke with some relatives of the victims of Bloody Sunday. In this piece he sets out his assessment of the Belfast Agreement some 16 years on and says that the conditions for a return to physical force republicanism do not currently exist. All photos courtesy of the Derry Journal.

Martin Galvin
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James Orr - The Bard of Ballycarry

Beano Niblock with a piece on James Orr. It featured in Long Kesh Inside Out. Beano Niblock is a former loyalist prisoner. He currently writes poetry, plays and commentary pieces.
James Orr

Sunday, December 14, 2014

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A Dismal Picture

Tommy McKearney delivered this address in the Irish Institute, Dublin on Thursday 13th November 2014 to an audience commemorating the 80th anniversary of the launch of the Republican Congress. Tommy McKearney is a member of the Independent Workers Union and has been a long time socialist activist. The address featured on his blog.

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A Life-Shaped Hole

Alex Cavendish in Prison UK: An Insider's View explains the challenge for prisoners of concealing from a loved one the fact of their imprisonment. Alex Cavendish is an author and academic: a social anthropologist, former prisoner and an active participant in the debate surrounding crime, prisons and probation.

Although I’ve known a number of people who have died – some of them at their own hand in prison – the recent death of my father has been the first bereavement in our immediate family for over 25 years. It’s a strange feeling, not having him around even though, like many fathers and sons, we had our differences over the years.