Monday, February 8, 2016

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Danny Morrison Finally Tells The Truth About Something……

The Broken Elbow with a graphic statement on the literary acumen of Danny Morrison.

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Sean Larkin Society To Host ‘A Hike Through The Hills Of South Derry’

The 1916 Societies with news of a hill walk organised by its Sean Larkin Society South Derry branch.

The Sean Larkin Society South Derry are pleased to announce the first in a series of local events in the lead up to the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising. 

This event, A Hike through the Hills of South Derry, will be a 9k hike over Carntogher mountain and will commence at 10am on Saturday 20th February. We will be meeting at the car park at the bottom of Carntogher mountain at 9.45am.
Weather permitting, this is sure to be a great morning, with great scenery and a view right across the South Derry countryside. An Carn holds a special significance in our area, going back to Penal times and beyond. A place where the people took refuge, said Mass etc, in safety and away from the Red Coats. It was also the haunting ground of the infamous Rapparee, Shane ‘Crossagh’ O’Mullans, whom the Glenshane Pass is named after. It has provided shelter for Irish Rebels ever since, including Francis Hughes and his comrades.

There will be a £10 fee to take part and sponsor sheets will be provided, to be issued by our Society members in person or through our Facebook page. Each area is well represented right across South Derry, as we have members in Magherafelt, Maghera, Ballinascreen, Newbridge, Lissan and Ballinderry. The Society has a Paypal Account and payment can be made through it. If you are unable to make it on the day, donations will be much appreciated.

1916 was a seminal year in our history and yet there are still huge chunks of that history which remain untold – from both that era itself and the revolutionary period that followed. Our aim in the Sean Larkin Society is to contribute towards the uncovering and telling of that story. We intend our upcoming hike to begin our efforts in 2016 towards the same.

Refreshments to be provided on the day. For more information contact the Sean Larklin Society on Facebook.

Beir Bua.
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Sweden And Palestine

Steven Katsineris shares a letter he sent to the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Dear Ms Wallstrom, 

Warmest greetings from Australia. I hope you don’t mind a stranger from far away writing to you. I know you will be a very busy person.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Mark Hayes: What 1916 Means To Me

Mark Hayes writing for 107cowgate explains what 1916 means to him. Dr Mark Hayes is a former member of Anti-Fascist Action and author of The Ideology of Fascism and the Far Right in Britain.

It is a difficult task to comment on any aspect of politics in Ireland without wading into a swamp of conflicting emotions and perspectives.
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Trumped Or How Ignorant We've Become

Frank O'Brien looks at the Trump effect. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

If people don't want to know why voting for Trump is such a bad thing, then they can't be reached through normal means. It is like talking to a dork who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the wall. If the best that we can do is dredge up old, long dead issues, then we are headed back to the bad old days.
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Extreme, Extremer, Extremest

The Uri Avnery Column discusses how Israel is growing more internally extreme and dangerous by the week.

As Is well-known, Israel is a "Jewish and democratic state".

That is its official designation.
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Demolition Dave

Writing @ Organized Rage, the Marxist blogger Mick Hall says:

There're 100,000 council tenants living on the estates Cameron intends to demolish, yet he failed to consult with a single one of them.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Willie McGuinness, Eamon Collins And A ‘Bloody Sunday’ Mystery….

The Broken Elbow hosts a post on the late Eamon Collins written by Mick McGovern.

I discovered this story on a strange little blog called Crypto-Gentile which has only two articles posted, both in 2008 and both devoted to stories allegedly told by Eamon Collins, the late IRA ‘ex-supergrass’/whistle-blower/penitent, who was murdered in an especially violent way by the South Armagh IRA for his alleged treachery, i.e. giving evidence against ‘Slab’ in a libel case involving The Sunday Times.

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Eamon O'Cuiv & The North's Bloody Past

Eamon Sweeney ( ) in The Derry Journal writes:

Bloody Sunday: Victims hit back at comments made by Eamon de Valera’s grandson

Fianna Fail TD, Eamon O'Cuiv.

Eamon O’Cuiv is a grandson of Eamon de Valera
He contends the idea of prosecutions with regard to ‘Troubles’ killings should be dropped
Victims relatives have reacted strongly to his comments

Relatives of those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday have reacted strongly to comments made by a Fianna Fail TD over the way to deal with the legacy of the ‘Troubles’.

In an interview given last weekend to The Guardian Eamon O’Cuiv, a grandson of Eamon de Valera said he supported an amnesty for all those involved in the Northern Ireland conflict from 1969-1998. 

He said: “Whether it is ex-IRA volunteers, loyalists, the old RUC, the Ulster Defence Regiment or British soldiers, there should be an amnesty for all.”

Commenting on the arrest of a 66-year-old ex-paratrooper in County Antrim last November in relation to killings on Bloody Sunday the Fianna Fail representative said:

I really don’t see the point, especially as the police seem to be tracking down the foot soldiers. They are not going after the generals and their political bosses who ordered the Parachute Regiment into Derry that day.

Mickey McKinney, whose brother William was shot dead on January 30, 1972 told the Journal:

Bloody Sunday is a human rights issue. What about the rights of the victims of Bloody Sunday? They had the right to life taken from them. The British establishment then conjured up a lie that they sent out from their embassies around the world that they were gun men and nail bombers. So what rights does Eamon O’Cuiv think that victims have?

If he thinks this is pointless because the PSNI murder investigation is not going after the hierarchy then he needs to consider that the only way we can establish what the orders were is to put these soldiers in the dock.

Mickey McKinney, whose brother William was killed on Bloody Sunday, stands beside a mural in the Bogside.

Bloody Sunday sits separately from all the others that took part in the conflict-from the IRA, UVF, RUC and the British Army.

For Eamon O’Cuiv to call for an amnesty while a murder investigation is going on is ridiculous. To me, by calling for an amnesty he is disregarding the rights of the Bloody Sunday victims.

Kate Nash whose brother was killed and father wounded on Bloody Sunday also hit out at Mr O’Cuiv’s comments.
Mr O’Cuiv wants to take the road easiest for the politicians. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that many innocent people were slaughtered by a state that has no intention of telling the truth. He has taken a very naive view of this.

Kate Nash, whose 19 year-old brother William was killed on Bloody Sunday 1972, at the 44th anniversary march on Sunday. DER0416GS054
Does he seriously believe that all the perpetrators will line up to tell us who ordered these atrocities, and there were many of them.

Much has come to light in recent years to suggest Britain took a big part in maintaining the sectarian divide and worsening that particular situation in this country by putting soldiers in here undercover to randomly kill innocent people on both sides of our community.

“The British Government need to make answer and explain to us the reasoning behind these strategies. Perhaps it would fit Mr O’Cuiv better if he could an investigation into the Dublin-Monaghan bombings because those families deserve justice too.