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Sunday, May 24, 2015

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No Justice, No Peace

Kate Nash, a sister of William murdered on Bloody Sunday by British paratroopers speaks to The Pensive Quill about the visit by the Colonel in Chief of the murder regiment, Charles Windsor. 
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What Did You Do This Weekend?

Lindsay, a former loyalist prisoner, writes on Long Kesh Inside Out about the routine that helped structure life for loyalist prisoners.
Serving a life sentence or not there was a routine to be followed in the Special Category Status or cage section of the old Long Kesh. I was in Compound 21 from ‘77 until ‘88 when we left to go to the H Blocks. Saturdays was when many men got their family visits.
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Prince Charles Denies IRA Membership – Washington Post

Ed Moloney with a brief look at Washington Post claim that Prince Charles denied ever having been a member of the IRA. Ed Moloney blogs at The Broken Elbow.

Here, courtesy of Gawker, is one claim about never having been in the IRA that is really believable (hat tip to SB):


Saturday, May 23, 2015

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Unheard Voices: East Belfast’s ‘Undesirable’ Working Class

Sophie Long attended an East Belfast conference which she reports on in Long Kesh Inside Out. Sophie Long is a PhD candidate at the school of politics in Queens University Belfast, where she is reading International Studies and Philosophy. As part of her research in 2014 she submitted a paper - An Investigation into Ulster Loyalism and the politics of Misrecognition.

Unheard Voices: East Belfast’s ‘Undesirable’ Working Class
Sophie Long.

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Chebyshev Polynomials For Financial Data

Being cognisant of that intellectual giant, Donncha MacNiallis's view of The Pensive Quill ,Guest writer Daithi O’Donnabhain enters the cesspit with this viciously anti-Sinn Fein piece.

Given the recent Bobby Sands anniversary, I was thinking about how many Maths focussed people appreciate poetry, but there is little obvious traffic going the other way. I decided to email Anthony with the idea of testing a Maths focussed article out on audiences not specifically located in this field. The aim of this article is to give an example of analysis with financial data, and ultimately demystify a rather obtuse area, that is usually badly detailed in really expensive books. It wont be to everyone's taste, but then neither is poetry or opinion pieces.

Daithi O’Donnabhain

Friday, May 22, 2015

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Patriot's Oft Quoted Words Still Running Foul Of British Law

Martin Galvin with a letter in today's Irish News. A US Attorney, Martin Galvin has a long history of campaigning on behalf of Irish republicanism and the rights of nationalists in the North of Ireland. 

As we move towards centenary commemorations of 1916, the British moved against Easter Commemoration speaker Dee Fennell. My view is that conditions do not exist to support continuation of armed struggle at this time. This view will become harder to defend if the British begin a clampdown on Easter Week Commemoration speakers.
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A Turd In The Cake Mix

Larry Hughes gives his take on the Ashers cake case and what he terms the homosexual  equality agenda. Larry Hughes is a history and politics enthusiast. 

The media saturation in recent times concerning the Asher’s court case ruling combined with recent television debates has brought into sharp focus the referendum on same sex marriage. The yes campaign has received the endorsement of the party leadership of all the main parties. After recent developments however there appears to be a growing concern that what is being presented as a civil rights and equality issue may in fact be just the beginning of a much greater onslaught by the homosexual equality agenda.
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Family Of Óglach George McBrearty To Host 34th Anniversary Commemoration Next Week In Derry

Bridie McBrearty, the mother of IRA Volunteer George McBrearty announces through the 1916 Societies a Derry commemoration to mark his death on active service in May 1981. 

Volunteer George McBrearty

It is approaching the 34th Anniversary of my son, Óglach George McBrearty, who was killed on Active Service, alongside his comrade Óglach Charles Maguire, on 28th May 1981.

We will be holding a commemoration to mark his death and to remember with dignity and pride, George and all those local Volunteers, who died for the noble cause of an Irish Republic, founded on the principles of the Proclamation.

We wish to extend a warm invite to you as friend and comrade of George to join with us, to commemorate George.

The Commemoration will take place at the Creggan Monument on Thursday 28th of May, 2015, at 7.30pm.

We have always valued the support and solidarity of George’s friends, comrades, and the Republican community in Derry and further afield.

We sincerely hope that you and your wider family circle will honour us by accepting our invitation and join us to remember our son and brother George.

On that evening my other son and our brother Pat, who died on 29th May 1991, will also be commemorated.

Is mise le meas

George’s mother Bridie McBrearty, his children Orla, Kellie & Thomas, and all his brothers and sisters.
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Why Gerry And Al Have To Copy SNP: Scots Show Way Forward

John Coulter with his regular weekly newspaper slot. Dr John Coulter is a radical right wing unionist writer and an evangelical Christian. He is a former columnist with The Blanket and now pens a column for the Irish Daily Star.
Irish republicans must follow their Scottish counterparts and form a single nationalist party if they want to snatch the coveted Stormont First Minister's post from DUP boss Peter Robinson.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

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No Thank You Mr Windsor

Pauline Mellon as a citizen of Derry addresses the Colonel in Chief of the regiment responsible for perpetrating a war crime on the people of that city. Pauline Mellon is a rights activist and justice campaigner in the North West. She Blogs at The Diary of A Derry Mother.

Rest in Peace.

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Outside the Box: Take 14

Sean Mallory turns his caustic eye towards the Ashers case and focuses on those who think they can freely practice their religion on others. Sean Mallory from Tyrone is a wry and sometimes caustic observer of politics both nationally and internationally. He provides TPQ with its own Outside The Box commentary.

  • Freedom of Conscience – the Ashers debacle