Danny Morrison

"What these people rely on is hitting you with detail and overwhelming you and so that you're not in a position... you don't feel confident challenging them. But because I was there and I was involved I know exactly what I am talking about!"

Dominic McGlinchey Interview

Saying What Needs Said

Eileen Doherty

Recovering the Truth of the Past

What is an independent republican?

Text of Anthony McIntyre talk at Newtown Cunningham Orange Lodge

Dolours Price Archive

"I look forward to the freedom to lay bare my experiences unfettered by codes now redundant."

Brendan Hughes: A Life in Themes

There is little to be gained in going from an A to Z chronological tour of the life of Brendan Hughes. The knowledge is out there. Instead a number of themes will covey to those who are interested what was the essence of the man.


Day-by-day account of events of the 1981 Hunger Strike. A series in four parts:
July 5July 6July 7July 8

The Bell and the Blanket

Journals of Irish Republican Dissent: A study of the Bell and Blanket magazines by writers Niall Carson and Paddy Hoey

Irish Republican Movement Collection

Annoucing the Irish Republican Movement Collection online archive at IUPUI

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In Defence of ‘Uninhibited, Robust’ Public Debate

Brendan O’Neill, editor of spiked. with a piece on an important free speech landmark. It initially featured in spiked on 14 March 2014 and is reproduced on TPQ with permission.

Why we should all celebrate the 50th birthday of New York Times v Sullivan.

Yesterday was the fiftieth anniversary of the US Supreme Court’s decision in the testy, tense libel case of New York Times v Sullivan. It’s an anniversary every Brit who believes in freedom should both celebrate and envy. We should celebrate it because the court’s decision struck a brilliant blow for press freedom and against defamation laws. Indeed, according to one account, ‘the practical effect [of the decision] was that defamation was effectively destroyed in America’. And we should envy it because, on this side of the pond, we remain saddled with illiberal, censorious libel laws better suited to the Middle Ages than to the twenty-first century. Fifty years after Sullivan, we in Britain need urgently to catch up with our American cousins by destroying our defamation laws, too.

Brothels and Courtrooms

Easter Sunday is a traditional republican day for remembering the dead. But in the political graveyard that is the North of Ireland the living often enough find they too are entombed as well as the dead. On Sunday past my thoughts drifted to one of them, Seamus Scotchy Kearney at present in Maghaberry Prison and probably banged up in his cell throughout the day given the authorities' disapproval of the wearing of Easter Lilies. Royalty might well find itself invited in 2016 to events commemorating the 1916 Rising, but off camera the familiar snarl of officialdom will hardly change.

Cló Saoirse publish History of Cumann na mBan

Press Release

To mark the centenary of the Republican women’s organisation Cumann na mBan, the Dublin-based publisher Cló Saoirse/Irish Freedom Press recently published a history of the organisation. The book ‘Cumann na mBan: 100 Years Defending the Republic’ (ISBN 978-0-9545791-2-8) is written by Cumann na mBan Veteran and Republican Sinn Féin General Secretary Líta Ní Cathmhaoil and Dieter Reinisch, Historian at the University of Vienna, Austria.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Workers of Donbass Divided by Kremlin-Backed Violence

Gabriel Levy with his latest take on the situation in Ukraine. It initially featured in People and Nature on 15 April 2014. 

The Russian state is encouraging, and possibly directly perpetrating, the violence tearing apart working-class communities in eastern Ukraine – violence which seems likely to escalate, after the launch of an armed attack on the separatists today by the Kyiv government. Working-class consciousness is being “eaten away and crushed by nationalism”, D., a radical left activist writes from eastern Ukraine on this site.

A Voice of Reason to which Republicans Should Listen.

Guest writer Lyra McKee with her thoughts on the perspective articulate by Dominic og McGlinchey. Lyra McKee is a freelance journalist & researcher who tweets @LyraMcKee. She is also an investigative reporter at the Beacon Reader.

  • Republicanism is a very honourable thing if done in an honourable way. We shouldn’t be dishonouring it by the mindless use of violence -  Dominic Óg McGlinchey

Dominic Og McGlinchey gave a very interesting interview to The Irish Times. In it, he talked about taking the gun out of Irish politics and the armed struggle - and the lack of appetite among the masses for violence.

Mistreatment in Maghaberry

The following piece penned by Thomas 'Ta' McWiliams initially featured in Ardoyne Republican
on 20 April 2014. Ta McWilliams is a republican prisoner currently held in Roe House (3) in Maghaberry. He is aligned to Cogús and is also a former H-Block political prisoner.

"On Friday the 7th March I went out to see the medic due to having chest pains. I seen the doctor was Waqar Ahmed. He told me my pain was angina and gave me tablets and an ENT spray. My blood pressure was very high 100+. The pains continued over a period of ten days and my blood pressure only dropped when I used my spray. I continued to see the doctor every day to have my blood pressure taken and each day it was very high. I told a medic I was having severe chest pains which were now going into my throat.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

McGeough's Campaigners Proven Right

Martin Galvin with a response to a piece by Newton Emerson in the Irish News on 5 April 2014 - "Adams' actions counter McGeough’s claims." Martin Galvin's letter featured in the Irish News on 21 April 2014. 

A chara,

It was surprising to see the usually circumspect Newton Emerson swallow Norman Baxter’s questionable conspiracy theory without question. Baxter told a parliamentary committee that Downing Street and Gerry Adams 'conspired to keep McGeough free' even feverishly working the phones for his release. This heretofore hidden plot by the heads of British and Sinn Fein officialdom was thwarted, only because the self-same Norman Baxter refused to take Downing Street’s orders.

Dominic Óg McGlinchey: Irish Times Interview

McGlinchey Urges Dissidents to Consider Ending Armed Campaign: ‘I don’t see mass appetite at a street level for the armed campaign’

Gerry Moriarty
22 April 2014

Senior republican Dominic Óg McGlinchey has called on dissident republicans to start 'a conversation about the removal of the gun from Irish politics.' He is the son of Dominic and Mary McGlinchey, two leaders of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) and was present at their murders in Drogheda and Dundalk in 1994 and 1987.

'Republicanism is a very honourable thing if done in an honourable way. We shouldn’t be dishonouring it by the mindless use of violence' Mr McGlinchey said in a wide-ranging interview with The Irish Times.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Arrest Adams now for McConville murder says republican ex-prisoner

Arrest Adams now for McConville murder says ex-republican prisoner
Suzanne Breen
Sunday Life
20 April 2014

A former republican prisoner says the PSNI should immediately arrest Gerry Adams over Jean McConville's murder.

Cork Volunteers’ Pipe Band Centenary Project

Jim Lane with a piece on the history of Rebel Cork. It initially featured in Rebel Cork’s Fighting Story.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Martin McGuinness Eraser Address

TPQ features Martin McGuinness’s Eraser Sunday oration today. It initially featured on his blog The Expensive Quail and has been republished here with royal prerogative. 

Clearing away the mush and gush of the State visit

Eamon McCann with a piece from the Irish Times on what he sees as the the context of the recent royal banquet. The Irish political elite North and South were paying homage to the British monarchy. It initially featured on 17 April 2014.

Opinion: Irish elite were celebrating their acceptance into a particular layer of society


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