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The Transcripts’ Compendium On The Life & Legacy Of Martin McGuinness

From The Transcripts’ a collection of interviews concerning the death of Martin McGuinness are gathered here. 

Source: The Guardian

Mickey Donnelly RFÉ 7 January 2017

Mickey accurately predicts the gloomy future of the Stormont Assembly, the death of Martin McGuinness and the selection of Michelle O’Neill as McGuinness’ replacement.

Upon the news of Martin McGuinness’ resignation as Deputy First Minister due to ill health the co-author of his biography discusses McGuinness’ life in the IRA, his transition to electoral politics and questions whether he will record a truthful memoir that would benefit IRA victims and their families as well as history itself. 

Anthony McIntyre BBC World Update 21 March 2017

The historian, author, political commentator and former IRA Volunteer offers commentary upon the announcement of Martin McGuinness’ death.

The widow of Patsy Gillespie, the father of three who was used by the IRA as a human proxy bomb, discusses her feelings upon hearing the news of Martin McGuinness’ death.
Anthony McIntyre The Michael Reade Show 23 March 2017

Former IRA Volunteer now historian, author and political commentator discusses the life and times of Martin McGuinness.

John McDonagh and Martin Galvin discuss Martin McGuinness.

The co-author of the biography of Martin McGuinness comments on Martin McGuinness’ role in the IRA’s cessation of violence that ended The Troubles.

The historian, author, commentator and former IRA Volunteer on Martin McGuinness’ legacy.

The award-winning journalist, author and historian discusses Martin McGuinness’ career and the immediate future of Sinn Féin.

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