Monday, June 18, 2018

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The Mind Boggles

A short piece from Thomas Dixie Elliot suggests that Sinn Fein is taking its electorate for granted.

Here's a point which seems to have gone over the heads of the Sinn Fein leadership...

I've often cited the fate of the Green Party, the PDs and Labour after terms in coalition. They all but disappeared.

However well before the next election the Shinners have openly said they'd form a coalition with Fine Gael.

Is this not utter madness? The support Sinn Fein have down South comes from voters who were disillusioned with the two main parties yet they openly court Fine Gael before the election thus risking what support they already have before the polling stations open.

They are surely risking the voters who came to them through disillusionment going over to Fianna Fáil just to ensure that Fine Gael doesn't get into government?

The mind boggles...

Thomas Dixie Elliot is a Derry artist and a former H Block Blanketman.

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Henry JoY said...


I doubt if SF are seriously contemplating entering coalition as junior partner. Talk of coalition is, I'd hazard, merely tactical. Isn't therere some advantage in being seen as a contender?

Otherwise, it might be said, one's just "whistling dixie".

Boyne Rover said...

Mary Lou like her predecessor craves power in any shape or form she will jump at the chance of being Tánaiste its what politician’s do and Sinn Fein like other party love the idea of being in control even if it means the party could become extinct that’s what they all do history proves this time and time again