Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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Windrush Generation

Mick Hall lifts the lid on Theresa May's disgusting treatment of the Windrush Generation. 

The Windrush generation were regarded by Theresa May as low hanging fruit ripe for the picking.

The despicable way the Tory government and Theresa May has treated the children of the Windrush generation was deliberate: it’s not an aberration it’s deliberate policy. The home office under May and then Amber Rudd picked what they regarded as low hanging fruit by attempting, and in some cases removing, British citizens to a foreign land.

Is there any greater crime when from her own mouth Mrs May has said on countless occasions the first obligation of a Prime Minister is to protect the British people from harm.

This issue is indicative of the low density warfare Cameron and then May have been conducting against their own citizens since 2010.

First they came for the long term unemployed, especially those who were least able to defend themselves, mainly the sick and disabled. With the help of the mainstream media they smeared and slandered them as workshy, benefit cheats. As with the Windrush generation they set in place rules and regulations, targets which the Tory government new full well it would be almost impossible to meet.

Lives were ruined people died.

At the time when people complained about the way the DWP had treated them, they came up against a brick wall, any flak which did eventually rain down was aimed at the corporations who did the governments bidding thus shielding leading Tory politicians from blame.

With immigration becoming a hot topic in 2013 amongst Tory voters and with UKIP gaining electoral traction, May as Home Secretary was desperate to bring the numbers down. This is when the Windrush generation stepped into the frame, like the sick and disabled before them, they were regarded as low hanging fruit ripe for the picking.

May knowing full well they were British citizens ordered her bureaucrats at the Home Office to come up with a policy which targeted them. Then the Border Agency under Theresa May acted like the Gestapo when targeting them. Dawn raids, tricks, abstruse arguments and subterfuge were also used to against them. Men and women who had lived legally in the UK for almost their entire lives ended up in detention centers bewildered, mystified as to why they had been targeted for deportation.

When they first spoke up, protesting they were British citizens and had been all their lives, this is a mistake; whether in the detention-centre, border agency office or Home Office, no one in authority was listening.

Why? Because the gophers and bureaucrats new full well what was happening to these folk was not a mistake, but policy emulating from the top of the Tory government.

Two years ago stories about the illegal treatment of the Windrush generation of children began to seep down to the street and were taken up by sections of the media. This prompted the Caribbean nations to make discrete enquiries in London: finding the rumours were true they notified the British authorities. May ignored them just as the various works and pensions Secretaries of State did when it came to those who had their benefits stolen.

Even last week May was still refusing to meet a delegation of senior politicians from the Caribbean to discuss this matter. Thankfully they were having none of it, the dam finally burst, rightly pouring excreta and blame on the British prime minister, the author of this whole wretched business. If there is any common decency left within the Tory party, which I doubt, she must be forced to resign in ignominy having broken one of her own red lines.

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DaithiD said...

The general public reaction once this became widely known was interesting, because I thought the Brexit vote was explicit confirmation the British were irreparably racist bigoted xenophobes ? I’m not sure why they brought pressure to bear on the Tories over this then.

Niall said...

There is no chance that she will resign, especially now since Rudd did it for her.