Saturday, May 12, 2018

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A Morning Thought (21)


DaithiD said...

This annecdote masquerading as an aphorism appears regularly on this site. Non “evil” Humans will use any ideology in their reach to rationalise these types of acts, because we are ill equipped with emotions they release, religion is but one. Differing theories of economic redistribution are not grounded in religion, they can utilise existing groupings, but it’s a practical relationship rather than an ideological one, and has resulted in “good” people doing “evil” things.

David Higgins said...

Don't agree with that sentiment. It presupposes the power of external morality. It's too simplistic to assume that allegiance to a deity allows decent men to do horrifying acts. Humankind do what we do due to circumstances and nature. We create God's to justify our struggle with morality. What is god except our attempt to understand consciousness and we are consciousness you can't divorce the two.