Saturday, April 28, 2018

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Radio Free Eireann Broadcasting 28 April 2018

Martin Galvin with details of this weekend's broadcast from Radio Free Eireann.

Radio Free Eireann will broadcast today April 28th.

Stephen Murney of Saoradh will tell us about a British crown crackdown in Derry including arrests, raids and attempts to recruit informers that may have been encouraged by some local nationalist politicians .

We will feature rebel songs from a new CD by singer Mary Courtney which is sure to become a RFE favorite.

RFE will preview a new documentary "I, Dolours" about the life of former Republican prisoner and Hunger Striker Dolours Price in her own words as film is released in Toronto.

We will also discuss the" L-Word controversy" and why new SF President Mary Lou McDonald's use of the word London before Derry has caused indignation in that city.

John McDonagh and Martin Galvin co- host.

Radio Free Eireann is heard Saturdays at 12 Noon New York time on wbai 99.5 FM and

It can be heard at in Ireland from 5pm to 6pm or anytime after the program concludes on


DaithiD said...

Stephen Murneys interview was interesting , the MI5 approach he mentions he published is also worth examining for the language they use to try to direct a person beyond what the law specifies. For example, they clearly wanted him to remain in the room and he essentially relayed he understood their request but was still going to exit.