Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Liar And Nincompoop

Mick Hall pours scorn on Boris Johnson.

Once again Boris Johnson has been exposed as a liar, and a nincompoop not fit for high office and Mrs May is little better leaving him in place.

When the Tory government cries jump it’s not the job of the leader of the​ opposition to reply how high prime minister. One of their jobs ​​is to ​winkle​ out the facts and if they find them wanting to demand complete governmental transparency, so the British people can make up their own minds​ about the issue involved​.​

When the brouhaha exploded after Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned in Salisbury​,​​ instead of ascertaining the facts clearly and then exposing the perpetrators of this crime, the British government responded in a knee jerk ideological manner. May and Johnson immediately hit the phones and the TV news studios armed with only circumstantial evidence to help put Putin and Russia in the frame.

Acting as if they hadn't learnt a damn thing from the mistakes of the Blair led Labour government which with the collusion of the British security services produced a dodgy dossier which claimed Saddam had WMD which could target British facilities within 45 minutes. Not only was this total bunkum it turned out the Iraqi dictator was telling the truth when he said Iraq had destroyed it's weapons of mass destruction.

It's become increasingly clear like the government, the MSM have no idea who poisoned the Skripal's, but this did not stop them aping their Tory masters, claiming Putin was behind this dastardly deed and Mrs May must act against Russia.

Not giving a thought to the simply fact if there were cast-iron evidence the Russian state was behind the attack,' Theresa May would have made it public and rightly so, but instead they published the type of drivel which at the time could be heard in any Salisbury tavern.

There was a voice of sanity, Jeremy Corbyn suggested we should not jump to conclusions until the facts are known with certainty. Rather than recognising a voice of reason, after all there was no need to rush. The Skripal​s were not dead​ or dying. We now know instead of clinging to life by a single thread, they were in recovery in a Salisbury hospital.

The police, the security services and Portland Down were all on the case, why did the government not wait until their investigations were completed and then make a decisions about how to act.

But no, instead of pondering on his words in parliament Jeremy was howled down by the Tories and the turncoats on his own side. Keen to get in on the act two bit politicians and the British media accused him of all sorts of ignominy, he was a traitor, a Kremlin stooge a commie lover, a national disgrace, need I go on.

​But as Mary Dejevsky wrote in the Independent on Sunday:

The air of utter certainty which has distinguished the approach of the prime minister, the foreign secretary and the defence secretary from the start, and persuaded the vast majority of EU countries and a host of other​ useful idiots​ to join a collective expulsion of Russian diplomats, might have been – how shall we say? – a tad premature.​

Boris Johnson has once again been exposed as a liar, and a nincompoop not fit for high office, after it came to light he lied in an interview broadcast on Deutsche Welle. In the clip which emerged he is blustering and bullshiting, eventually claiming he had been personally assured by the ministry of defence establishment at Portland Down that the novichok nerve agent had definitely come from Russia.

A separate foreign office tweet now removed suggested similar confidence on the part of the UK ambassador to Russia.

Is there an outcry from Tory MP's demanding Johnson is sacked? Far from it, they rally around him. Good old Boris they cry, never mind he has a long history of telling lies and being found out. He lied about his affairs when he betrayed his wife, he lied to his employers when a journalist in Brussels, he lied during the EU referendum, and as Foreign secretary his crass stupidity has left a young mother locked up in a Tehran jail.

Yet knowing all this what does the Murdoch press do, they give Johnson a column in the Sunday Times, not to apologise and beg forgiveness, nor to announce his resignation but to further smear Jeremy Corbyn.

Mary Dejevsky​ who is far from a Corbyn supporter sums up:

I​t is hard not to remember other elements of this saga, such as the UK’s certainty that the nerve agent was from the novichok family – to which was then added, or something similar. The now happily disproved confidence that such an attack was almost bound to be fatal, and the fact that Russia offered to cooperate and that it was Russia that first proposed the involvement of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. This move was most recently called “perverse”, in a UK statement on the eve of its meeting.
All in all, it is hard with hindsight not to regard Jeremy Corbyn’s caution against rushing to judgement as wise, and an approach that would have strengthened the current position of HM opposition if only his MPs had united behind it.
A senior government minister and his department have been caught out in falsehoods, and those falsehoods have underpinned a foreign policy track that pulled dozens of other countries in behind us. This would seem to me to be a resigning matter for the foreign secretary – especially as it entails a fault – the fault of truth-bending – on which he has form. If the claims made by the UK about Russia and the Skripal's show more signs of unravelling, then more heads must roll. The heads of the two intelligence services – MI5 and MI6 – whose predecessors should have had to resign over Iraq – and who come under the auspices of the Foreign Office.
All that would then protect the prime minister would be the perils of Brexit and the reluctance of anyone else at such a time to want the job. Meanwhile there is relief in the Kremlin – believe it or not, the professionalism of Russia’s own communications has come in for domestic criticism over the Skripal case – and Vladimir Putin is expected before too long at the White House.

More sleight of hand?

As if on cue, we now have Johnson at the UN attempting to form a war coalition to attack Syria after unsubstantiated allegations which have not been independently verified about a chemical weapons attack in the town of Douma.

It's worth noting no western journalists are reporting from the Syrian town of Douma, they write and send their copy from eastern Turkey, Beirut, or Damascus; which is controlled by the Syrian government. Why? because they fear Jaish al-Islam, the Islamic militia which controls the town of Douma will kidnap them or chop their heads off, yet if you read the articles of the majority of these hacks, they seem to believe every word these terrorists say.

Think what you will but it seems to me there is a direct link between the rush to explain the poisoning of the Skripal's and the rush to find the Syrian government guilty of attacking the town of Douma with chemical weapons.

I have no idea who was responsible for either, but I do recognises a post imperialists when they are stoking the flames of war.

Mick Hall blogs @ Organized Rage.

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Niall said...

Good article....Britain is slowly descending away from accountability towards a political lethargy and a willing public to follow it.....there is no limitations to what those in power can do or say now.

wolfe tone said...

Mick Hall is just another 'Russian bot','Putin troll','fascist','Assad apologist' or whatever the self appointed righteous declare.