Monday, December 4, 2017

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Bunch Of Blood Suckers

Mick Hall writes that:

Thurrock Tory Led Council Offers Residents A Wing And A Prayer.

Every picture tells a story.
Thurrock council announced last week a Tilbury master plan which we're told will be followed by a significant infrastructure project. These days when local politicians use the words regeneration, affordable housing and a significant project, one should poke it with a very long stick. The last time we were offered a significant infrastructure project, we ended up with a third Thames crossing being situated in the borough, never mind it's already one of the worst areas polluted with CO2 in the UK.

In my experience, having lived in Thurrock for many years, I have never seen any proposed housing development plan which has turned it's promises into reality. They all promise the earth yet actually deliver very little which benefits Thurrock's over all population.

Property developers squeeze ever more houses and flats onto smaller and smaller plots, while providing little or no infrastructure. In Chadwell they destroyed a well loved pub, in London Road despite countless new builds we have much the same road infrastructure which existed at the beginning of the last century.

The average terraced properties across Thurrock are £270,052 plus. Semi-detached properties over the last year had an average sold price of £324,720 plus.

What Thurrock desperately needs is not so called 'affordable homes,' to buy, which few of the younger generation can afford, but council and housing association homes for rent, with an assured tenancy.

Sadly the Tory led council is refusing to build these desperately needed homes believing the market will provide homes for those who can afford them and to hell with the rest. It would be interesting to know how many local councillors own second homes?

Hopefully if the LP gains power in next year's local council election they will come up with an innovative plan which has social housing at it's core.

According to a Freedom Of Information request the councils waiting list on 5th of January this year had 7,880 people waiting to be housed. Thus the last thing the borough needs is more so called affordable homes which few, if any of these folks can afford.

Developers have made massive profits out of the house price boom and in the process far too many councils have colluded with their greed. This needs to cease, whole swathes of the nation reeks of T Dan Smith.

Integrated Medical centres

What also worried me about the council's statement is the inclusion of that old chestnut 'Integrated Medical centres' which allegedly will bring health services closer to residents.

Hang on, only a few weeks ago we were told councillors were setting up a committee to look into the proposed closure of Orsett hospital with most of them claiming they were against it's closure.

The carrot to soften us up to accept the closure of Orsett were these so called integrated medical centres. Nevermind they will not provide even half the services which Orsett hospital currently provides. We do not even know if there will be a 24 hour doctor available.

Thurrock Tory councillors are once again asking us to give up what we currently have for a wing and a prayer.

Care Rooms

It's no surprise the woman who is overseeing the proposed closure of Orsett hospital, (which incidentally has spare capacity) in her role as chief executive of three South Essex hospitals, allowed CareRooms* to set up a stall in the restaurant at Southend hospital to find potential hosts for their latest privatisation wheeze.

This bunch of blood suckers were handing out flyer's with a financial opener offering people the chance to earn up to £1,000 a month renting out a spare room to accommodate patients who were bed blocking in hospital.

It beggars belief anyone with such power would allow a private company to come up with such a disgusting plan. It has nothing to do with medical treatment it's clearly designed as a money making scheme to place a sticking plaster on social care for the frail, sick and elderly due to the refusal of the Tory government to provide adequate funding to meet their needs.

Yet Southend councillors inexplicably agreed to explore the viability of this money making scam with other partners, when they should have flung the scoundrels who came calling for CareRooms off the end of Southend pier.

Thankfully for the time being at least wiser heads prevailed and Southend hospital has backed down over plans for patients to recuperate or die in a room of someone else's home.

What a country we live in!

* CareRooms is part of NHS England’s clinical entrepreneur programme.

Click the above link and this CareRooms link , read and weep with rage.

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