Sunday, August 13, 2017

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Is God Moral?

Atheist Republic team member, Utsav poses a questions to those who believe in a moral god. 

The Bible establishes the rules made by God for a product he created. Humans are God’s creation and the Bible became a sort of manual. But considering that God is supposedly omniscient, he’s a very flawed designer. If a car designer did so poorly, his car wouldn’t even make it to the production line.

He punishes people for being disobedient, irrespective of how immoral or moral they may be. His idea of redemption for humans is solely based on sacrifices—first of food items and animals, then later, of himself as a human in the form of Jesus. Strange? Yes, but mostly it’s ridiculous.

Some might argue that free will was indeed the purpose of God’s design, that different ideas in this world actually show that his design has been successful. But wait, God chooses to punish and torture people for using the free will he gave them? They disobey him and so they suffer an eternity of torture after death? What did God expect humans would do with their free will? Did he not know that humans would disobey? And if he knew, and gave them free will anyway, he is a faulty designer indeed. Or he a sadist who likes to torture his own creation for doing the very thing he created them to do.

When it comes to punishment, many theists point out that punishment is only for sinners and sin is something immoral. They derive their morality from an archaic book with numerous mentions of murder, torture, and genocide, all commanded by God. How is that moral?

If God himself is not moral, how are humans supposed to get their morality from his holy book? Atheist morality is constantly called into question and yet, the question of God’s morality is ignored.