Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Treated Appallingly By The Tory Government

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage asks:

Why have the former tenants of Grenfell Tower who survived the fire not received help from the British government?

The former tenants of Grenfell Tower are now homeless, so far they have been treated appallingly by the Tory government. The PM did not have the common decency to speak to a single one when she visited the area yesterday for a PR promo. These folk have lost all their personal possessions, clothing and furniture, and the roof over their heads. Yet despite there being countless empty houses and apartments owned by British and overseas investors within the millionaire rows across the Capital, they have been shipped off to hotels or bed and breakfast flea pits.

Why have the Tory government not requisitioned, if only temporarily, these empty houses and flats and moved these poor souls into them?

Sitting in hotel room or bed and breakfast will make it nigh on impossible for them to even begin to rebuild their shattered lives. Make no mistake - if the government fails to act most of these people will remain homeless for a long time, which would be adding injury to their current misery and despair.

They have had to rely on charity for the clothing which cover their bodies, thankfully fellow residents on their estate and ordinary folk from across London and beyond have turned out to help them in large numbers. But why should they have to rely on charity? Where are the Marks & Spencers, Debenhams, Harrods and John Lewes, etc? Why have they not opened their doors to the victims of the fire and allowed them to chose new clothing for free? If the stores are unwilling to cover the cost let them give the bill to the British government. I doubt a single taxpayer would begrudge them this in their time of need.