Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Conflict Brewing In Maghaberry

Statement from Roe 4 Republican Prisoners: 27-06-2017

Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, wish to highlight another marked increase in repressive measures being enforced against us on the Republican Wing.

This began yesterday evening when screws on the landing refused to provide Republican Prisoners with information regarding visits, legal visits and health care appointments. 

Instead they claimed that they would only deal with Republican Prisoners on an individual basis.

It is obvious that Republican Prisoners will never allow ourselves to be individualised and thus the stage has now been set for a prolonged period of increased tension and conflict until this decision is reversed.

This is not an isolated issue, over the past number of months there has been an increase in such measures designed to break the resolve of Republican Prisoners.

We wish to make clear that these measures will fail, and we will go to any lengths necessary for as long as it takes rather than allow ourselves to be denigrated by measures such as this.

We would ask all of those who have supported and continue to support us to be more conscious than ever of our need for their assistance in such matters.

Republican Prisoners
Roe 4


DaithiD said...

Is it because the screws think they will have political cover from the Westminster coalition? They should observe the Hillsborough developments recently to see all wrong doers place themselves at risk because future political developments are just as important as current ones.

Christy Walsh said...

Sinn Fein obsolescence to DUP/Tory direct rule..