Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Bobby Sands, 65 Days

Daithi O’Donnabhain discusses summer wear choices. Daithi O’Donnabhain is a regular commenter on TPQ.

As with every Irish person living abroad, I like/need to wear at least one item of clothing with Ireland emblazoned across it at all times.

The Sinn Fein online shop can be useful in this regard, but on closer inspection of a Bobby Sands Polo Shirt [1], I am struggling to understand the significance of some items on the design.

What is the significance of “65 Days” in the Bobby Sands story? I would imagine “66 Days” might of been better as it was the length of his hunger strike in days, but perhaps 65 is more important than that for reasons I do not know. 

Embroidered logo on shirt close up


[1] http://www.sinnfeinbookshop.com/bobby-sands-polo-top/


DaithiD said...

Thanks for carrying this. I think it shows the ideological content of PSF at present. I know typos can be made in writing things, but this must of passed several people who didnt catch the mistake. I wonder if any of those talking heads in the 66 Days film, who were very keen to use the platform to tarnish Brendan Hughes legacy, will show leadership in correcting this?

AM said...


a brief but illuminating piece.

I guess had it said "Bobby Sands died on hunger strike in 1972", it would still have gotten through.

I agree, the typo has no relevance here. We might rib them a bit about a typo but nothing more significant because human error happens. But this has worked its way right down the line until spotted by a Quiller!!

AM said...

Is there anybody out there?