Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Giant Ships In Thurrock

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage raises concerns about giant ships in Thurrock.

Until they're regulated the giant ships which dock at DP World,Thurrock and Tilbury Dock will continue to endanger the health of local people.

The United Arab Shipping Company’s Barzan, one of largest container ships, docked at DP World London Gateway and unloaded more than 4,000 containers.

Thurrock is already one of the most polluted parts of the UK and when the DP World port at Stanford le Hope begins operating at maximum capacity the pollution in the borough is going to get a lot worse. If you add on the extensions to the port of Tilbury and a new Thames crossing east of Tilbury, Thurrock may well become one of the most polluted places in the world.

James Corbett, professor of marine policy at the University of Delaware reports:

Ship pollution affects the health of communities in coastal and inland regions around the world, yet pollution from ships remains one of the least regulated parts of our global transportation system.

The Guardian reported:

Just one of the world’s largest container ships can emit about as much pollution as 50 million cars. Further, the 15 largest ships in the world emit as much nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide as the world’s 760 million cars.
The problem isn’t necessarily with the ships’ 109,000-horsepower engines that endlessly spin away 24 hours a day, 280 days a year. In fact, these power plants are some of the most fuel efficient units in the world. The real issue lies with the heavy fuel oil the ships run on and the almost complete lack of regulations applied to the giant exhaust stacks of these container ships.
Shipping emissions have escalated in the past 15 years as China has emerged as the world's manufacturing capital. A new breed of intercontinental container ship has been developed which is extremely cost-efficient. However, it uses diesel engines as powerful as land-based power stations but with the lowest quality fuel.

Simon Birkett, spokesman for the Campaign for Clean Air in London said:

It is unacceptable that shipping remains one of the most polluting industries in the world. The UK needs to take a lead in cleaning up emissions. Other countries are planning radical action to achieve massive health and other savings but the UK is strangely inactive.

This is especially a problem for Thurrock, which has two major ports. One, the deep-water DP World London Gateway Port near Stanford Le Hope was specifically built to allow the massive container ships to dock. As the Guardian reported this means just one of these ships throws out more pollution than 50 million motor cars. The other, the Port of Tilbury is expanding so it can take ever larger ships without much thought given about the consequences for local people's health.

Scary stuff when you consider due to the Dartford crossing Thurrock is already one of the most polluted areas within the UK. The levels of pollution will become even worse when the proposed new Thames crossing east of Tilbury is opened.

The World Health Organisation sets out a safe annual average level for PMs and its data shows that nine British towns and cities breached these limit set for particles known as PM10.

Since the above report was released in 2013 things have become much worse mainly due to the opening of DP World and increased traffic going through the Dartford crossing. However rather than passing legislation to curtail these levels of pollution the Tory government, with the support of Jackie Doyle Price Thurrock's Tory MP, decided to place a new Thames crossing within the Borough east of Tilbury which will on its way to the M25 cut across Thurrock's last remaining green spaces. With parts of the borough becoming a second spaghetti junction.

This is yet another example of the fanatical belief the markets always know best, with local people having to like it or lump it. Phony public consultations are put out to calm peoples fears, yet more often than not the actual decision to go ahead with the project were decided long ago. Many local people have concluded this was the case with both the DP World port and the new Thames crossing.

With a general election due next month, we have an opportunity to change tack and elect a government which will stand up for the majority not the few. Like him or not, and cards on table I do, then only Jeremy Corbyn is best placed to do this.

Thanks to MH for heads up.


Steve R said...

Easy solved.

Convert the container ships to nuclear power!