Monday, March 6, 2017

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Fine Gael Willing To Squander Billions Of Euro To Save Face

From Buncrana Together a report on Fine Gael financial squander.

Having already wasted 650 million euros on unnecessary domestic water meters, Fine Gael are now insisting on squandering a further 300 to 500 million Euros to complete an unnecessary and highly controversial job, using an excuse that private metering is the best way of preventing excessive use.

However they have been heard from many quarters, including Scottish Water (see video below)' that District metering can deliver the same result for a tiny fraction of this cost.

Rather than admit they got it completely wrong they are now hell-bent on a monumental, cynical face saving exercise.

This is not just shameful, it is bordering on Criminal.

February 8th 2017 meeting of Committee on Future Funding of Domestic Water Alan Farrell, Fine Gael TD,  admits to hearing from all quarters how district metering can work effectively.


Joe Dalton said...

This whole notion of District versus Domestic metering is a flawed argument. They are both useful for different reasons. The real crime is why domestic meters were not installed on all new builds during the housing construction boom of the so-called "Celtic Tiger" with the costs of installation borne by the developers.