Saturday, February 18, 2017

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One of The Boys

Mick Hall : Organized Rage, writes: 


After Donald Trump's random attack on Muslims when he barred citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries - Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen - from entering the United States. He's been compared with a dictator like Adolf Hitler. Were those who did so mistaken. The BBC seems to think so as it keeps justifying the groper in chief's behavior by parroting that old chestnut well he was democratically elected. They seem to have over looked the simple fact Hitler also came to power in a democratic election.

Other media outlet have all but said no worries, he doesn’t have the experience yet to make nuance decisions but he will soon be up to speed as he is learning on the job. Which ignores the reality of what Trump's promised the electorate on the campaign trail, here we see real similarities with Hitler's campaigns in 1932-33. 

Both men acted like demigods which should have set warning lights glowing but instead of regarding them as unsavory large sections of the middle classes and the working class lapped it up.

When Hitler came to power few adult German's could honestly claim they were unaware of what he intended to do. Perhaps they couldn't see the scale of his wickedness but during those two campaigns he clearly laid down the bare bones of the policies he intended to implement if he gained power. In the 2016 US presidential election Trump did the same. 

It is worth comparing what the two men's priorities were during those campaigns .

Hitler’s stated intentions:
To Reduce unemployment ( Trump said "I’m going to be the greatest jobs creating president God ever created") 
Create jobs through rearmament. (Trump suggested he would boost U.S. Military Spending By $500 Billion To $1 Trillion
 Take Germany out of international Treaties, especially the Treaty of Versailles. 
Expand Germany's geographic area and make Germany a major power again. 
Create an economically self-sufficient Germany. (Trump is on the same page with "bring manufacturing backhome:)
Used racism to gain power. (Trump did the same)
 Build a network of motorways (Autobahn)
During the 2016 presidential campaign Trump also promised the US people a version of Work and Bread although unlike Hitlers he also abolished healthcare free at the point of use for millions of US citizens.

Trump's stated intentions:
Make America great again. (Hitler said, make Germany a major power again.) 
Cut taxes for big business and millionaires. (Hitler also called for tax cuts for big business and the most wealthy as they financed his party. On these matters he was on the same page as Trump.)
Fight terrorists at home and abroad.(Like Trump, Hitler looked for the terrorist within in a specific group, in Hitler's case the Jews whereas Trump targeted Muslims)
Create an economically self-sufficient US economy. (Need I say more the similarity is striking)
Remove the US from treaties like TTIP. (Again the same page as Adolf)
Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it. (Hitler was also all for making his victims pay for his stupidity and crimes.)
Rebuild America's infrastructure, highways, bridges, etc (same page again) 
Both men made the the same point during their campaign that "Everything is negotiable."
Both were elected leaders of their nations in democratic elections and then as soon as they came into power they tore up the rulebook on how things were previously done. 

Hitler spoke to the German people in long speeches to handpicked audiences, Trump uses Twitter to sidestep the mainstream media. Both men used these tools to avoid being questioned on the fine detail of their policies.

Both appointed sycophants to senior positions, Hitler left them to fight amongst themselves as long as they looked to him as the ultimate authority, we will have to see how Trump behaves towards his cabinet, but there are rumours circulating the first time senior ministers new about recent policy announcements was when they read Trump's twitter feed.

It's become increasingly clear both men have a great deal in common, so no it is not unreasonable to compare Trump, with Hitler in his early years. Like the German his politics have a whiff of national fascism about them, up until know he has stayed above the fray signing decrees and then leaving his henchmen and women to put them into practise. 

What both men undoubtedly have in spades is demagoguery, they rouse the people to their cause while in reality working against their best interests, this is especially true of their working class supporters. The best example of this, they both claimed to be on the side of the working classes yet cut taxes for the most wealthy and big business which in turn financed their hate campaigns. 

They both gained popularity by exploiting peoples emotions, fears, prejudices, and ignorance. Hitler blamed the Jews, trade unions, and communists for all Germany's ills, Trump blames Muslims, immigrants, and a US liberal elite.

The both talked up threats which in reality didn't exist, Trump with Muslim infiltration into the US and the desperate need for a wall between Mexico and the USA to keep out 'swarms' of immigrants. Hitler used the threat of Jewish people controlling the economy and communists and trade unions causing mayhem. 

Both lied through their teeth when campaigning. 

Both accused their opponents of weakness and disloyalty to the nation. Both men promised the impossible, Hitler with his thousand year Reich, Trump by making America great again and controlling immigration in a country which was built by immigrants. 

They both express these empty promises simply and theatrically but remain extremely hazy about how they will achieve them.

Both men ridiculed and insulted opponents on the campaign trail in an attempt to shut down reasoned debate with those they had political differences with. 

They both claimed to be on the side of the masses by thumbing their noses at the established order when in reality they are/were part of the established order, the business and political elite.

Remember, the devil's finest trick is to persuade you he doesn't exist, Hazlitt once said: “the greater the lie the more enthusiastically it is believed and greedily swallowed.” 

As Dorothy Thompson said no people ever recognise their dictator in advance …

When our dictator turns up you can depend on it that he will be one of the boys, and he will stand for everything traditionally American. And nobody will ever say Heil to him, nor will they call him F├╝hrer or Duce. But they will greet him with one great big, universal, democratic, sheeplike bleat of “OK Chief! Fix it like you wanna, Chief! Oh Kaaaay!
I will conclude with HL Mencken:. 

As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” 

Lets hope Trump is that man and not something far far worse.


DaithiD said...

Others have written less but had careers ended for percieved holocaust revisionism. When the Trump hysteria dies down, I wonder who will have still a career in the next few years, these labels tend to stick once applied.

larry hughes said...

Daithi D

I believe there is more to the frenzy and panic being seen now in the media savaging of Trump. Democracy and silent majorities whether in the rise of Hitler, the Stalinist purges or indeed USA/UK global criminality and regime change and terror for profit post 1945 is nothing new. However the concerted and hysterical reaction to Trump's success in spite of the elite and media machines best joint efforts against him is scary as much as it is revealing. We have been subjected to fake news and downright lies for centuries. Trump is calling it exactly as it is. Those who wield power are finding it impossible to hold back their anger. The powers that be are being outed just a little and the experience is stinging them severely.

An example is the American authorities in the Anthrax scare immediately after 9/11 and the connection between this and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe of all places. It puts the sanctions on that country a little better into focus. It's a funny old world...NOT!

"Secondly, Dr. Hatfill is one the the "few" people in the entire United States who knows how to weaponize anthrax spores. In fact, Dr. Hatfill, 48, is a U.S. native, born in Missouri, who served in the Rhodesian white-run military's elite Special Air Squadron and the feared Selous Scouts counterinsurgency unit. Dr. Hatfill was "serving with the Rhodesian military during an outbreak of anthrax that sickened more than 10,000 black farmers in 1978-80." Jan Cienski, National Post, July 5, 2002, p. A12). Thus, one of the largest outbreaks of germ warfare in world history came as the white Rhodesians were on the verge of being defeated by black guerrillas. Dr. Hatfill was on site, he had the technology, the CIA connection and the access to the planes of the Special Air Squadron".

Full article here:

DaithiD said...

Larry,the media are discredited and not because Trump says so, Im surprised anyone thinks they arent, but I think the more immediate thing is once people claim Trump is some (exceptional) equivalent to Hitler, then a cororalarry of this will be his supporters are Hitler supporters, and then this will justify the violence we are seeing, and will continue to see as long as this is perpetuated. We are constantly warned that treating Muslims as some homogenous group with fundamentalists will force them to fundamentalism. What effect then,will this Nazi/deplorable muck slinging that passes for analysis have on people who no way identify as racist/nazi/homophobic? What happens when these thin skinned language policers on campus, whose first instinct is silence opponents rather than engage them, age into becoming the legislators, with the arsenal of the surveilence state at their disposal? To defeat Hitler, they become Stalin.

Organized Rage said...


Agreed we have been subjected to fake news and downright lies for centuries there is nothing new about that, the US presidency under Trump is not in chaos as the MSM pretends and there is a functioning opposition in the UK called the LP. Its just neither Trumps administration nor Corbyn Labour are singing from the mainstream media beloved songbook. When the media cries jump both Trump and Corbyn tell them to fuck off. All their contacts, often built up over decades are toast, nothing more than pompous loud mouths pissing in the wind and getting splashback all over themselves. It is a joy to watch and you dont have to like either men to enjoy the spectacle. The MSM sole purpose today is touring the parliamentary arenas in the US and UK to try and entice 'has beens' to run down Trump or Corbyn. Interesting times indeed.

Organized Rage said...

Sorry my post was to Larry, I got overwhelmed by all the excitement ;-)

larry hughes said...

Organised Rage

Astounded you could make such a mistake, my photo on here shows I am younger slimmer and way more handsome than Daithi D

DaithiD said...

Larry, there is no way I can compete with a pre-op and "xir" ultra strict grooming routine.

larry hughes said...

I think Corbyn and Trump are attempting to reverse the Blair type capitulation to the Sun in the UK generally and in doing so reclaim control of politics from media blackmail and fake ratings manipulation.