Sunday, January 1, 2017

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Truly Shocking

TPQ opens its contribution to the free flow of opinion in 2017 with Thomas Dixie Elliot taking Vinnie Coyle to task over his claims to have been on a 69 day hunger strike which reformed the North's prison system. Dixie Elliot is a former blanketman.

16 December 2016 ➤ I've been informed that the convicted criminal Vinnie Coyle has engaged in a smear campaign against myself and courageous women like Kate and Linda Nash. In fact, outside of myself, who he is claiming has worked for MI5 for many years, the other names mentioned are well respected female campaigners like the above mentioned Nash sisters.

Apparently, we are all working for MI5, but what I find more shocking is that people are actually stopping to talk to this person before carrying what he says back.

Vinnie Coyle is a notorious con man who was convicted down South of credit card fraud after conning a female RTE personality. I don't need to tell anyone from Derry that, as it's a well-known fact. 

In regards to the North he did a few weeks on remand for vandalism. Yes vandalism. He slashed car tires. I spoke to a few Republicans who were on remand with him at that time. He came in after the Hunger Strikes and wasn't even in long enough to have been on hunger strike for as long as he claims, five days longer than Bobby Sands. In fact, he never took part in any protests whatsoever in those few weeks which he spent on remand.

Yet he claimed that it was he, with no mention of the Ten brave men who died on Hunger Strike, who resolved the prison protests. 

He used genuine people like Terrence Gallman who really should have checked his story and his background before sitting him in front of audiences in Universities etc. around the USA. If I see this happening again on Youtube or elsewhere I will make it my business to inform these venues by email that they were the victims of a convicted con man and tire slashing vandal.

And now this cretin, who is talked about with derision, is attempting to smear those of us who exposed him, to anyone who would listen to him.

17 December 2016 ➤ Thought I'd post this comment which was made on my previous post in regards to Vinnie Coyle to let people know just how much of a fantasist he is.

I wouldn't have spoke to him after what he did, but as ye know i had no choice after what we were told he was saying about us on Thursday night , and he blamed someone else, but stood by his hunger strike story, and added " the only ones denying him Justice was those republicans he protested for.

He blames someone else of course but despite the overwhelming evidence against him, including that of Republicans who were in jail at the same time as he was, he insists on sticking to the disgraceful claim that he was on hunger strike longer than Bobby Sands.

Not only that and this is utterly crazy... "the only ones denying him Justice was those republicans he protested for."

Sweet fuck he insists that he, someone who was in jail for about three weeks for slashing tires, intervened in the prison protests by going on Hunger Strike for us and winning our demands.

Why can't this heroic intervention be googled for fuck's sake? Why not? Because it's the ramblings of a headcase.

The Hunger Strike was long over by the time he was arrested for vandalising cars. Those Republicans who were inside at the same time as him are adamant about it. Surely they'd remember that the Hunger Strikes were over when they went into jail.

They laughed at the suggestion that he was on any sort of protest whatsoever.

17 December ➤ My attention has been brought to this and I must say that I thought I had seen everything when I saw the history of the Hunger Strikes being rewritten before my eyes.

But using two ill men as a means of attaining money for a film is beyond belief. In fact as part of the charade, Vincent Coyle is claiming to be an A List Actor. That's putting himself on a par with Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise etc.

Truly shocking....

20 December ➤ I notice that either Terrence Gallman or Vinnie Coyle has since changed the part of 'Go Fund Me' which claimed that John Hume and Ivan Cooper were part of 'Our Team/Who We Are' to stating that both were presented with 'Highlights for book Finding Me.'

'Highlights for book Finding Me pesented to: (sic)

John Hume – Historical Civil Rights Legend, Noble Peace Prize Laureate Winner and endorser of the Gallman/Coyle partnership.

Ivan Cooper – Historical Civil Rights Legend, founding member of the SDLP and subject of the film Bloody Sunday.'

The book 'Finding Me' was written by Terrence Gallman but I'm wondering what exactly are the 'Highlights' of this book and why weren't they presented with the completed book?

Having been forced to make these changes merely proves that the permission of John Hume and Ivan Cooper to be included as part of this team was not obtained.

Also given that I've tagged Terrence Gallman in all of my posts, regarding the lies of Vinnie Coyle and that I've sent him PMs telling him this as well as what Republicans who were in jail at the same time as him told me, I can only assume that Gallman is content to continue peddling these lies to an unsuspecting public, particularly in the USA.


sean bres said...

Mind boggling. We can only assume Vinny suffers from some form of psychosis. Sad to see things end this way for anyone but as far as what he says goes - on any of this - I think we all know it carries zero weight with anyone worth talking about.

P Sl said...

Good article, though I find it disturbing that we're more angered by one known con man rewriting history than a cult run by a psychopath rewriting history.

larry hughes said...

Walter Mittyy/Billy Liar??

Steve R said...

A quick use of the google machine also brings me to his website, in which he takes full credit with founding the 'Day of Reconciliation' at the UN no less (he didn't, he merely wrote a letter asking for 'reconciliation' to be a part of the already existing International Day of Peace!) No mention of South Africa to be seen!

Completely bizarrely right next to this extraordinary claim is a picture of him next to two Mounties!

The guy has serious mental health problems and while some of you may feel he needs a good slapping he probably needs proper medical care.

Just sayin'.

sean bres said...

I agree in full with Steve. Vinny has obviously lost his grip on reality and, as dangerous as some of his antics may be, he is patently not well and needs help.

Henry JoY said...


you're right history is already written.

Though many attempts, such as Adam's, are made to rewrite it, such revisionist re-writings are only permissible to the degree of the un-sustainability of the original interpretation and understanding. History will continue to be re-written and revised until an acceptable, valid and irrefutable version is delivered.

With all the competing and vested interests at play that's going to take time (possibly centuries for the dullards).

Steve R.

whilst proper mental care is the preferred option its unlikely he'll be responsive until he meets some crisis. Its somewhat like Newtonian physics ... he'll continue on his deceitful way until he bumps against a greater and less movable force. Psychological interventions are for the largest part greatly enhanced by even the most basic understandings of gravitation theory.


fair play for bringing a light to this. Remember though if you should set fire to Mr Coyle's platform the chances are that yours, in my appraisal, will eventually and hopefully burn too!

marty said...

Cui bono? Vinnie Coyle seems to me to be Derry,s version of Arthur Daly(minder series)and as such he would be well know to everyone in Derry as such, so it should come as no surprise or shock that Vinnie should try and capitalise on Derry,s and all our sad past , but in all honesty folks does that put him anywhere near as reprehensible as that other shower of wasters from Derry and beyond ie, micro minister quisling $inn £eind,s Martybroy Mc Guinness or that other alleged tout Raybroy Mc Cartney and their cronies who infest quisling $inn £eind and their gangster buddies in the DUP,Now Vinnie is if possible someone who should take a reddner as we say here,he at least does not have innocent blood on his hands ,highlight his wrongs but to me theirs bigger fish to fry ..

Steve R said...

Henry JoY,

Yes, sadly I fear you are right.

Alfie Gallagher said...

As someone who has had a life-long battle with mental illness, I am suspicious of attempts to use mental problems as an excuse for bad behaviour. As Dixie shows in the piece above, Vincent Coyle is certainly astute enough to exploit his tall tales for personal gain. Unless there is evidence to the contrary, I think he must be held to account.

larry hughes said...

Alfie Gallagher

I had absolutely no idea of your personal struggles. That was a very brave and honest post. More power to you. Respect.