Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Brendan Hughes 2016 Commemorative Lecture

Press Release




23rd OCTOBER 2016

The Brendan Hughes Commemoration Committee is pleased to announce that Martin Galvin will deliver the 2016 Brendan Hughes Lecture in Derry (The Playhouse, 7pm on Sunday the 23rd of October). 

Previous Brendan Hughes Lecture speakers include Republican Ex-Pows Anthony McIntyre, Tommy McKearney, and Gerard Hodgins as well as International Human Rights lawyer Gareth Pierce, Clare Daly TD, and the former Lord Mayor of Dublin, Christy Burke.

Introducing the 2016 Brendan Hughes Commemoration Lecturer, Martin Galvin:

Martin Galvin is a New York Lawyer and former National Publicity Director for Irish Northern Aid (Noraid) and editor of the IRISH PEOPLE newspaper. Today, he co-hosts Radio Free Eireann, (available via WBAI.ORG).Martin is a well-known and well-respected speaker at Republican events across Ireland and the US. For many years, the British government banned him from entering the north of Ireland and the Irish government banned him from being interviewed by the media.

In 1984 Belfast man, Sean Downes, was murdered in cold blood, in front of TV cameras, and score more were injured, when the RUC opened fire as Martin addressed a peaceful rally. In 1989, in Derry City, Martin was seized by British troops and taken to England and placed on a military plane to the United States.

In New York, Martin’s work has been widely recognized, for example, by conferral of the prestigious post of Aide to the Grand Marshal of the New York St Patrick's Day Parade. This appointment forced the PSNI to withdraw from the parade.

Is mise,

Joe Bell,

Chairperson, Brendan Hughes Commemoration Committee


goot said...

could a done with a bit more notice for this, mondays dole dusnt stretch til sundays sadly.

Steve R said...


Hope your not sneaking over lol

goot said...

are u barred from the north anthony. if u pay me way ill make sure no one bothers u.