Friday, September 30, 2016

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Gerry Kelly Obeying Loyal Orders

GARC responds to the latest move in the North Belfast marching dispute.

A leaflet Sinn Féin will be delivering Thursday evening to homes in Ardoyne, attacking GARC (not the Loyal Orders), will ironically be delivered to homes outside CARA's catchment area. Homes that SF have told us all since 2009 "are not affected by parades".

Gerry Kelly is publicly stating that he has no issue with a deal that will see 250 Loyalists march through our community after a three year hatecamp. Yet residents should not be afforded the same right to oppose sectarian parades.

He says some members of GARC are Republicans with an agenda. Yet fails to mention that Joe Marley is a prominent Sinn Féin member who speaks on behalf of CARA in order to peddle whatever SF tell him to. Is he stating that Republicans in Ardoyne are not allowed to have an opinion on sectarian parades, and join with others to oppose them?

Despite GARC consistently opposing violence and asking those intent on violence to stay away, he says we are responsible for young people going through the criminal justice system.

Firstly, many of these young people were identified by SF members and had their photographs printed by SF publications seeking their prosecution. A local MLA also said in the media that she would report their parents to Social Services. Secondly, quite a number of GARC members could show Kelly the criminal records they received after he publicly called on people to demonstrate against Orange marches from the mid-90s onwards.

Finally, Sinn Féin say GARC should withdraw our parade immediately. Where is Kelly's call for Loyal Orders to withdraw their continued demands to march through this area?

Sinn Féin are all over the place on this issue. It seems their hatred of anyone seeking to go against their appeasement policy is clouding their judgement regarding who is really responsible for the ongoing problem of unwanted sectarian parades - The Loyal Orders.

Update: The Parades Commission has issued a determination banning the people of Ardoyne from proceeding onto the Ardoyne or Crumlin Roads on Friday evening. Residents will be stopped from advancing past the top of Estoril Park by armed PSNI riot squad officers.

We now have a perverse situation whereby 250 Loyalists, led by the UVF, are marching through this area with the blessing and approval of Sinn Féin, while the party has successfully lobbied for residents to be prevented from marching the same stretch of road twelve hours before in protest.

GARC will mobilise and march as planned at 7pm on Friday evening at the bottom of Estoril Park and will demonstrate our opposition to sectarian marches through this community. We call on all residents, and those who wish to show solidarity with us from other areas, to come out and reject this SF/UVF deal.


Peter said...

I'm no fan of the OO and would be happy to see them confined to parading their religious muppetry around church halls only. However, it must be pointed out that they do not parade "through" your area, they parade past it. If they went down Brompton Park I would be wholly on your side of the argument, but they don't, as you well know. Kudos to SF and CARA for their pincipled stance.

AM said...


Principled stance? Praise it if you agree with it but don't infer principle FFS. You merely undermine whatever genuine point you wish to make.

36th Ulster Division said...

GARC have called off their protest tonight, obviously the shinners/provos still call the shots in the republican part of Ardoyne. Dee and the GARC put back in their box by the big bhoys.
All the shinners/provos payers answered and they don't even have their priest there anymore.

Gerard. said...

GARC haven't called off their protest. That's a lie to minimise attendance put round by shimmers and loyalists. The choppers up, the protest is on good luck to them.

AM said...

According To GARC tonight’s protest was still going ahead despite false claims that it had been cancelled.

frankie said...

Watched the whole thing

Steve R said...

How many were bussed in to be offended?

Anonymous said...

some background info on Ardoyne, the OO, GARC and the people of Ardoyne, who held their protest this evening

Niall said...

This deal was never about peoples rights. It was SF/UVF who were offered monies in return to find a solution to end the protest. GARC never stood a chance when they were left out of the negotiations and most likely through SF's fear of GARC's exposure of what was really happening. Fr Gary Donegan was fully aware of all of this and he is also complicit in this deceit but since he is leaving that parish he can do a Pontius Pilate of the whole affair while those who have to to live there continue to be used as pawns in a continuous political game and so on and so on.