Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Corbyn Manifesto Can Be Implemented

Mick Hall @ Organized Rage writes:

In 1945 the Tories said LP election manifesto could never be implemented - today they say the same about Corbyn Labour's. They're wrong.


If you listen, watch or read the mainstream media you will have been told countless times Jeremy Corbyn is unfit to be prime minister. If you truly believe that, you must be either blind to the reality which is before your eyes, or a neoliberal fanatic who believes it is their way or no way.

There is a growing consensus across the UK that the media and political elites have led the nation along a path which has enriched a small minority of the population at the expense of the majority. It's not accidental that some of Corbyn Labour's harshest critics fall into the former category whether politicians, journalists, or media oligarchs.

What has been happening in England in recent years is the political and media elites have been engaged in the dark arts, by continually trumpeting Corbyn will never become PM. They did much the same when Ed Miliband led the party, claiming wrongly it was Labour which caused the 2008 crash due to being spendthrifts. Sadly this became the common sense of the age when instead of taking the fight to the Tory LibDem coalition, Miliband, at Ed Balls' insistence conceded ground when he agreed there was a need for dramatic cuts to social security and thus austerity was necessary.

Today in their desperate attempt to make their prophecy about Corbyn come true we must not make the same mistake as Miliband Labour. We must challenge this nonsense head on before it sinks home amongst the wider electorate.

In times like these when all is to play for it's imperative we give people the true facts and encourage them not be bullied and brainwashed by the British establishment and mainstream media into giving up on progressive ideas and going back to the days of spin, zoot suits and cliches that have turned so many people off politics.

The old saying about politics goes “if you cannot stand the heat you should get out of the kitchen.” Well, Corbyn has not only stood the heat, far from it withering him he has cooked up a Gourmet meal of policies which he will serve up when he becomes PM.

Unlike Jeremy, others who conspired against him have not turned out to have the necessary stamina it takes to become a great leader, but hey lets not talk about Angela Eagle and Chuka Umunna. They're yesterday's fish and chip paper.

Since he first stood for leadership in 2015 no other leading British politician has ever suffered such a storm of hate and smears from the political and media elites than Jeremy, whether they be Tory, Lib Dem or Labour. It has been unrelenting and harsh. It would have destroyed a lesser man, yet Corbyn has stood fast and thrived keeping his eye on the prize of the Prime Ministership.

His energy levels would shame a 21 year old, day in day out he has criss-crossed the nation hovering up support and members for the Labour Party. The more folk see him in the flesh the more they like the cut of his jib. Setting out a policy platform which can remodel the winner take all neoliberal philosophy which both New Labour, Tory LibDem coalition and the current Tory administrations set their clocks by.

He and he alone has managed to change millions of people's attitude towards Tory austerity which has damaged so many people's lives. Today even a Tory Prime Minister has had to admit the gross inequalities within the UK cannot be sustained at their current levels. How that must have stuck in Theresa May's craw!

There is a lesson from history here

The British people were told in 1945 by the Tories and those whose best interest they serve, it would be impossible to create a NHS which gives free treatment at the point of need, bring the railways, the energy companies, and mines into public ownership, let alone build millions of new public housing units most of which was built in new towns and communities.*

Today's naysayers are saying much the same about Corbyn Labour’s policies. Why? Because instead of putting even more money into the pockets of the already wealthy when he is elected PM, he will make them pay their fair share of tax, no more Sweetheart deals with multinationals no more stashing ill gotten gains in tax havens, no more free milk and honey on tap for the likes of Richard Branson.

The sheer hypocrisy of Branson is illuminating. He drains the public purse as if it were his very own money tap. Whenever the government auctions off yet another batch of the nation's crown jewels he flies in from his tax haven and slithers into Downing street to demand his share of the loot. Whether it by the railways, the health service, or finance he is the benefit claimant supreme.

Under a Corbyn prime ministership the railways will be taken back into public ownership, the NHS will at long last be adequately funded. So be it if this money comes from the £200 billion nuclear weapons pot, or from a ring fenced NHS tax. One million homes will be built and if the building industry refuses to release the land it has stockpiled to keep prices sky high, it will be compulsory purchased if unused after two years. There will also be a fair rent act to stop private landlords charging the exorbitant rents many of them do today. Germany doesn't charge University fees, and under Corbyn Labour neither will any part of the UK. Education from cradle to the grave is the only way the British people will be fully skilled for the modern world, it’s a win-win for all.

There will no longer be unnecessary military adventures overseas. Never again will our young men and women in the military be sent to war on a wicked lie. This will mean no more Afghanistans, no more Iraqs no more Libyas. The British military will be there to defend the nation against real threats, not those manufactured in Wall Street, Langley and the Pentagon.

I challenge any one to put those policies to ordinary people, whatever their political persuasion, and I would bet 8/10 would agree with them.

* Stevenage, Basildon, Milton Keynes

  • Jeremy was first elected to Haringey Council in 1974 and the Westminster parliament in 1983, he has been battling away against injustice and cant ever since. When elected PM he will be the most able person ever to have served in that job


Mick Fealty said...


Your first sentence is a nonsense. Atlee wasn't liked by many (including the left), but he was trusted broadly because he and key Labour members of the Wartime Cabinet had already run the country. Also the 45 agenda was not solely Labour's. Beveridge was a Liberal.

And, this critical, Corbyn doesn't have an agenda to implement. He might have in time, but he specialises in being against stuff so that's going to be tough for him.

AM said...

Mick F,

I think Corbyn's repeated success lies not so much in his own agenda but in the widespread disillusionment at the career driven politicians who would as easily rest comfortably in the Tory Party were the prospects of career advancement stronger there.

mal higgins said...

I have always enjoyed Mike’s informative articles about the British Labour Party, but in the back of my mind I have always thought that his man must be daft if he thinks anyone can revive that rotting corpse of a Labour Party, which it had become, under the directorship of Blair and his cronies.

However, having seen Corbyn perform on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday I have to admit that Mike was right and I was wrong. Corbyn was on the show pressing all the right buttons:

Ending privatisation of the NHS
More money for education
Re-nationalisation of the railways
Ending Tory austerity
Giving power back to local communities

I wish Corbyn very success and lots of luck as I think he will need it.

It will be interesting to see, in the near future, how the Tories sell that £200 Billion nuclear jolly called Trident to the British public