Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Radio Free Eireann Not Broadcasting 23 July 2016

Martin Galvin explains why Radio Free Eireann is off air today.

WBAI the listener supported station which presents Radio Free Eireann will begin its summer pledge drive this week.

Radio Free Eireann will be pre-empted and not air on Saturday July 23,2016.

RFE'S own pledge drive program will offer a special DVD to supporters, A Celebration of The Life of Oglach Liam Ryan. Liam Ryan, a Tyrone native emigrated to the Bronx, worked for Con Ed became an American citizen, and was murdered by pro-British loyalists. The DVD includes moving footage and interviews with family and friends from the Bronx and Tyrone and the Independent Republican 25th anniversary Commemoration. 

Go to Radio Free Eireann's new web site, RFE123.ORG where you can read written transcripts of last weeks interviews with Belfast lawyer Seamus Delaney on the impact of July 12th Orange marches and bonfires for nationalists and journalist and author Ed Moloney's discussion on what Ireland can expect from the new British Prime Minister Theresa May. 

Radio Free Eireann is heard Saturdays at 12 Noon New York time on WBAI 99,5 FM and

John McDonagh and Martin Galvin co- host. 

It can be heard at in Ireland from 5pm to 6pm or anytime after the program concludes on WBAI.ORG/ARCHIVES