Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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Uncensored Political Tours

From Béal Feirste Uncensored Political Tours information on the type of tours available.

Welcome to Rebel Belfast - for generations the heart of the Unfinished Revolution against the continuing British Occupation, Imperialism and Injustice in Ireland.

Uncensored Political Tours offer a range of tours facilitated by political activists giving an unapologetic and unrepentant genuine Republican analysis of historical events and contemporary political developments within the areas and locations that shaped, define and are most affected by them.

These tours are intended to give a truthful and factual account of the Republican narrative to local people, youth/community organisations and visitors to Ireland.

To book one of our affordable tours, contact us via Facebook PM to this page or ring 07751541324


chchlc2222 chchlc2222 said...

Thanks for this. Would love to take a tour sometime.

James Waller said...

Is there an email address at which I could book the tour and get more information about cost and times?


Jim Waller