Thursday, April 21, 2016

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Seán Heuston Society To Hold ‘Support Unity’ Launch This Weekend In Dublin

News of an event being put together by the 1916 Societies in Dublin this weekend.

This Saturday (April 23rd) sees the Seán Heuston Society, Dublin hold a public talk and discussion on how best republicans can, in a positive manner, make the case for Irish Unity.

The panel will consist of former Hunger striker Tommy McKearney, author of Southside Provisional Kieran Conway and young Dublin historian Donal Fallon.

All on the panel will get an opportunity to give their thoughts, with audience participation encouraged – hopefully making for a lively discussion. The Society hope to gauge how best to formulate the argument in favour of unity and see this as a mechanism to include the public in the process.

Tommy is a face known to most republicans, but Kieran Conway and Donal Fallon make interesting additions. Kieran is the author of Southside Provisional, which told how we came from an affluent background in Dublin to being Intelligence Officer within the Provisional IRA having left. Donal Fallon is a republican socialist from Dublin and a regular contributor to Newstalk, giving weekly contributions from his popular ‘Come Here To Me’ blog and has been active in the anti-water tax/austerity movement around the city.