Friday, April 22, 2016

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Counterfeit Revolutionaries Too ...

Thomas Dixie Elliot takes a satirical look at Sinn Fein in period costume. Dixie Elliot is a Derry artist and writer.

Looking at these photos, in particular the one below of the Three Rebels rebelliously pointing at Alex Maskey and laughing like ones who had been up to no good, I got to thinking. As I do.

This has to be the work of Dastardly Dissidents who are out to make Sinn Féin look even more crackpot than the Loyalists. They dress up in 1916 period uniforms and while Sinn Féiners are at the doors telling the people how their Las will be Chuckying soon ... the Dastardly Dissidents sneak up behind them and take photos of themselves with the SFers thus making it appear that they are with them.

And then everybody laughs out loud at poor Sinn Féin when they see the photos online.

What we are seeing is in fact the beginning of a Dastardly Dissident photo bombing campaign on the lead up to the elections.


frankie said...

Is the German Shepard with the muzzle in the 2nd pic some kind of subliminal message?

pearse mcaleese said...

totally childish nonsense,seriously Anthony is this what you are reduced to??

Henry JoY said...


there's occasionally the odd true word spoken in jest Pearse.