Sunday, March 13, 2016

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You Don’t Need Religion For Human Values

From Nothing Is Sacred more Bread and Roses TV with Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya

Interview with German/Turkish author Arzu Toker


death toll in Syria and refugee crisis

Grece’s Alexis Tsipras cozying up to Iranian regime

Press TV and sexual harassment of Sheena Shirani

Iranian youth get app to dodge morality police

Outrage as Riyadh video shows religious police ‘abuse’

Iranian Metal Musicians Jailed, Facing Possible Execution; Free Confess

Saudi Arabia “Islamic” police doll arrest

Breast feeding adult men

Woman saying no to compulsory hejab in Iran

Editing: Fariborz Pooya
Translation: Mohammad Basham
Subtitles: Bahram M
Producer: Maryam Namazie


Buncrana Together said...

Excellent! Give up Coronation Street for a while and listen.