Sunday, March 13, 2016

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Dump Trump

Frank O'Brien calls on his fellow US citizens to Dump Trump. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

Everybody is singing the praises of Donald Trump, even a few African-Americans who the lamestream news networks found ... but when they asked each African-American who they showed, "Do you have any friends of color who support him?," those that were asked said a resounding NO.

It shows you the lengths to which mainstream media types are now licking this wanker's boot heels, and trying to sucker minorities into giving him support.

Now if it were up to me I'd vote for "Spike" from the perennial TV-series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, even if he has that darn British accent. Now he refuses to condemn the KKK which is truly his David Duke moment par excellence, and now France's Nazi National Front endorses him on top of it. What next,? Should his campaign slogan be, "Vote only for me if you're WHITE!"?

But seriously folks, Trump loves you if you are white and Christian, but hates you if you're Mexican or Muslim. So be on the ready not to be surprised if he wins, since he does have this weird fascination from all these whacko white voters out there, except you of course my dear little brother on here.

Something tells me the not so great Secret Service that has screwed up with old Obama would kiss Trump's ass if he gets in, but then there are those in power who want a fascist president, much like Putin over in dear old Russia. This is why you see so much negative foreign news coverage of Trump, which is also a backlash against the rise of Europe's own right wing Nazis, who up until the refugee crisis were literally in the political backwaters.

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden, former NSA chief, has even said that it is likely that the military would be likely to ignore some of Trump's orders, if he becomes president, since his comments have at times been so unlawful as to be ridiculous.

The comments from the mentally challenged Republican voters who have placed him into the bird's nest, range from his being anti-Establishment to his being some messiah foretold of in the Bible ... the latter are your middle class Born Again Christian types who are fed up with Washington insiders like Hillary Clinton. Sure it's great seeing Jeb Bush, and Ted Cruz getting their asses kicked, but they are all simply the same when you get through the candy coated outside.

I actually have a really, really close friend who supports him, but trust me, I'm trying to change his mind with every trick in the book, seeing how Trump's victory could herald the Apocalypse. You can almost feel the brimstone with his every utterance, which would be fine in medieval times, but today it is more a sign of the Anti-Christ. He comes across as a first class goof which is why so many European intellectuals actually hate him, though they laugh at his gaffs much like they did at George W. Bush's meandering snafus.

The only thing you can count on if once Trump gets into the Oval Office is his enriching his rich buddies on Wall Street, and enacting some Eugenics style pro-abortion funding for the beleaguered Planned Parenthood. Trust me when I say that folks like me will be on a new Nixon like hit list since Trump strikes me to be much like "Tricky Dick," who I had the pleasure of seeing sent into political exile as a teenager. Come to think of it, just like "Tricky Dick," the CIA might even hate Trump like they did Nixon. Then add in the likely protests that would rival some from the 1960s if Trump gets in, and you'd be looking at a re-visitation of the tumultuous 60s and 70s.

If it is any comfort, and I know it won't be, if you hate the Clintons as much as me, it is just as likely that Hillary "Robber" Rodham Cinton will get in since all of Bernie Sanders' supporters would gravitate to her. In a sense the future will basically decide itself, but either way it goes to Wall Street, since both have been sucking up corporate and billionaire money like a crack whore who's on a binge.

Hey "Tricky Dick" didn't get his name for nothing, for he was a complete whore to the Establishment right wing before Reagan made it so popular in the 1980s. Billy Boy Clinton made it fashionable for the Democrats to do before Obama began even playing the long awaited messiah who would bring the hope and change bull hockey. Now it's Bill's long suffering wife who might not be as smooth as Bill, but her lips slurp up that corporate/oligarch money like she was a desperate crack addict.

Either way we are screwed, so be prepared to riot in the streets, kicking cop ass, fighting off trigger happy National Guardsmen, and smoking a lot of good dope to deal with the hangover from these presidential disasters in the making.