Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Eamon O'Cuiv & The North's Bloody Past

Eamon Sweeney ( ) in The Derry Journal writes:

Bloody Sunday: Victims hit back at comments made by Eamon de Valera’s grandson

Fianna Fail TD, Eamon O'Cuiv.

Eamon O’Cuiv is a grandson of Eamon de Valera
He contends the idea of prosecutions with regard to ‘Troubles’ killings should be dropped
Victims relatives have reacted strongly to his comments

Relatives of those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday have reacted strongly to comments made by a Fianna Fail TD over the way to deal with the legacy of the ‘Troubles’.

In an interview given last weekend to The Guardian Eamon O’Cuiv, a grandson of Eamon de Valera said he supported an amnesty for all those involved in the Northern Ireland conflict from 1969-1998. 

He said: “Whether it is ex-IRA volunteers, loyalists, the old RUC, the Ulster Defence Regiment or British soldiers, there should be an amnesty for all.”

Commenting on the arrest of a 66-year-old ex-paratrooper in County Antrim last November in relation to killings on Bloody Sunday the Fianna Fail representative said:

I really don’t see the point, especially as the police seem to be tracking down the foot soldiers. They are not going after the generals and their political bosses who ordered the Parachute Regiment into Derry that day.

Mickey McKinney, whose brother William was shot dead on January 30, 1972 told the Journal:

Bloody Sunday is a human rights issue. What about the rights of the victims of Bloody Sunday? They had the right to life taken from them. The British establishment then conjured up a lie that they sent out from their embassies around the world that they were gun men and nail bombers. So what rights does Eamon O’Cuiv think that victims have?

If he thinks this is pointless because the PSNI murder investigation is not going after the hierarchy then he needs to consider that the only way we can establish what the orders were is to put these soldiers in the dock.

Mickey McKinney, whose brother William was killed on Bloody Sunday, stands beside a mural in the Bogside.

Bloody Sunday sits separately from all the others that took part in the conflict-from the IRA, UVF, RUC and the British Army.

For Eamon O’Cuiv to call for an amnesty while a murder investigation is going on is ridiculous. To me, by calling for an amnesty he is disregarding the rights of the Bloody Sunday victims.

Kate Nash whose brother was killed and father wounded on Bloody Sunday also hit out at Mr O’Cuiv’s comments.
Mr O’Cuiv wants to take the road easiest for the politicians. It doesn’t seem to have occurred to him that many innocent people were slaughtered by a state that has no intention of telling the truth. He has taken a very naive view of this.

Kate Nash, whose 19 year-old brother William was killed on Bloody Sunday 1972, at the 44th anniversary march on Sunday. DER0416GS054
Does he seriously believe that all the perpetrators will line up to tell us who ordered these atrocities, and there were many of them.

Much has come to light in recent years to suggest Britain took a big part in maintaining the sectarian divide and worsening that particular situation in this country by putting soldiers in here undercover to randomly kill innocent people on both sides of our community.

“The British Government need to make answer and explain to us the reasoning behind these strategies. Perhaps it would fit Mr O’Cuiv better if he could an investigation into the Dublin-Monaghan bombings because those families deserve justice too.


larry hughes said...

The Brits deliberately inflamed the situation here with Bloody Sunday and internment. They thrive on wars and 1968 was the only year since WW2 they were not at their trade somewhere globally. So, 1969 was a welcome development for them. They made the most of it. Apart from Bloody Sunday I agree with O'Cuiv. There needs to be a line drawn under the historical cases. Compensate all victims and move on. History is a mill stone around Irish necks. The Japs decided not to teach their kids about WW2 in order for a fresh start to future generations. There may be something in that. History is the arsenic in the family tea pot here. As it happens I hope Eamon O'Cuiv is the only sitting FF FG TD to retain his seat. Wouldn't that be sweet!

Henry JoY said...

In order to formulate a position on the past and continued prosecutions I propose we all need to rise above our personal histories and preferences and consider what is in the common good.

The tragedies and injustices of our past are innumerable and are unlikely to be addressed and resolved to everyone's satisfaction. It's never going to be all neatly wrapped up with pretty ribbons and bows. Its inevitable that some hurts will never be fully addressed to every individual's satisfaction. So we need to find solutions that benefit the greatest numbers rather than striving for, and failing at, absolute and perfect ones. That said though solutions, particularly imperfect ones, still need to offer some possibilities to those hurting.

At this particular juncture I see more merit in dropping the pursuit of prosecutions and drawing a line under all of them ... once there aren't prosecutions pending protagonists will be free to tell their uncensored stories. Some semblance of an accurate narrative will naturally and eventually evolve and make its way into the public sphere.

Failure to take such action, encourages continued picking and poking at old wounds and prevents healing.

Steve Ricardos said...

Well said Henry JoY. But if an amnesty was granted, it would be interesting to see who goes to ground.

Henry JoY said...

And because Steve those with vested interest in the full nasty narrative not emerging are the same players who hold the power to curtail truth from unfolding, other unfortunates continue to be left with the weeping wounds of a permanent past.

Anonymous said...

50,000 libyans massacred a few years ago and their great leader butchered in front of the world. same population as ireland. fuck compensation. people need to get over bloody sunday.

larry hughes said...

Gerome G

Something in that. We could maybe start with leading by example from Arlene Foster. How's about her getting over someone taking a pot-shot at her RUC daddy. What did he expect? ffs. Certainly wasn't Seamus McElwain that did it as is being insinuated or her da would have been stiffed. Then she'd maybe have reason to be belly aching all these years later. All her daddy received was a graze! Once again the unionist British ex-pat community here come from a position and narrative that they never sinned. lol