Tuesday, December 8, 2015

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Make Them Pay

Daniel Bradley thinks the cops should be subject to the same laws they seek to impose on others.

Make them pay the fine as we would have paid a fine.
This should not happen just because they are the police.

These officers went beyond the law on disabled parking space.
 So they should pay a parking fine like we do.

Let us all email this man so that they get done


We want to see the receipt so that we can know that the law was carried out.


pat murphy said...

Daniel,what planet are you living on. The police have been involved in a lot worse crimes than illegal parking and fcuk all is being done about it. And your local friendly sinners have quite recently seen to it that nothing will be done about it. But you never know maybe your petition could start the ball rolling. 😉

Steve Ricardos said...

The fines should also be means tested, 60 quid to someone is nothing while to others it is a lot.