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9/11 ~ Truth Or Consequences

Frank O'Brien gives his take on 9/11. Frank O'Brien is a long time resident of Troy, NY, USA, and former head of Clan na Gael in same city, and area.

Like many people who watched first hand the events of Sept. 11th, living through the nerve wrenching anxiety and trauma, I felt grief not only from the massive loss of life, but also from knowing that from that day forward, that life as we knew it would never be the same.

I took at face value for years the official narrative spun out of whole cloth, that is, until I encountered certain videos years later on YouTube, and specifically the two episodes on it done by Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory," which aired on TruTV. All of what I had believed was slowly and incrementally deconstructed, leaving me to feel betrayed at first, then frightened out of my wits, my wits also having been slow to boot.

It has only been by discovering the truths that the official 9/11 commission left totally out of their report, that I could find any hope of feeling some level of healing set in.

The best podcast done so far by anyone on 9/11, bringing together the testimony of key witnesses to the behind the scenes events of that fateful day, is James Corbett's/"The Corbett Report"'s "9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money." Corbett masterfully weaves together the testimony of Richard Grove, Indira Singh and others, showing the 'money trail,' which in any criminal investigation is one of the most important aspects. Money laundering, rogue and insider trading happened both on that day and before the attacks, in the weeks leading up to it.

Both Grove and Singh provide big glimpses into varying views of these particular aspects of that horrible day, risking their lives in order to tell their stories. What you come away with is the utter conviction that some people on the inside knew way ahead of time that the attacks were going to happen.

In Singh's case, she encountered a mysterious company, called at the time, Ptech, which it turns out made software for risk management assessment, which was used by a huge number of US Federal agencies. It was slightly similar to the PROMIS software case that Michael C. Ruppert, and others, had been investigating for years, and like Ruppert, I conclude that in some way, there is a bit of connection between the two cases, if for no other reason, that the same key players keep showing up ... your neoconservative types!

Danny Casolaro, intrepid and brave investigator, died while investigating the earlier PROMIS software case, likely it being a murder crudely set up to look like a suicide. Casolaro called the group behind the conspiracy by the name, 'The Octopus,' and after delving into both, I can say with some certainty that this might very well be the same organization that was behind the 9/11 attacks.

Casolaro came to understand that the same political scandals of the 1980s, and further back ones, were connected in that this same organization was involved in them all. It was made up by defense contractor employees, bankers, former and current intelligence and military people, and ran up to at least the office of vice president, George H. W. Bush.

Not so ironically Bush's son, 'W.,' as he is called, ascended to the presidency in 2001, bringing with him some of the neoconservative players that had been in the Reagan, Ford and earlier presidential administrations. The connections between US state sponsored terrorism, and drug running run deep in this sordid real life tale, going all the way to secret societies, like Yale's 'Skull & Bones.' It was no accident that in 2004 that George W. Bush, and his Democratic running opponent were both members of this secret society, which had both Illuminati and neo-Nazi ties.

John Kerry, the democratic candidate had been in charge of the Senate committee in 1986, that looked into the drug dealing allegations of the Iran-Contra scandal, which ultimately came to nothing, though they admitted to there having been CIA involvement. Skull & Bones is knee deep in connections to the CIA, so you'd think Sen. Kerry would have recused himself from being in charge of the Senate investigation. No such animals exists in Washington officialdom, conflict of interests happening all the time.

The result of various independent investigations of CIA involvement with drug smuggling, mainly done to fund 'off the books' black ops, pysops and research and development of top secret technology, demonstrate a relationship between the CIA and organized crime going back to at least its inception, and before, when it was carried on by mainly the FBI and the military.

The CIA helped smuggle drugs during Vietnam by its airplane company cut out, Air America, and drugs were even smuggled in to the US in the dead bodies of service men who had died in action. There was a connection even back then to state sponsored terrorism in the form of NATO's Operation GLADIO, and involving certain Middle Eastern terrorist groups, and domestic terrorist underground groups like the Weather Underground.

Even Ronald Reagan had ties to organized crime vis-a-vis the screen actors guild, and other groups with similar ties on the West Coast, and his vice president, George H. W. Bush had ties to both organized crime and the CIA. Similar ties exist between organizations influencing US foreign policy, like the Bohemian Grove, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Neoconservatives, or neocons as they're called for short, vastly populate the inner circles of power within these organizations, and their ties run deep in almost every major Washington, D.C. scandal of the past 35 years. Those that have gotten prosecuted by the 'good guys' in government wind up having had presidential pardons given to them, besides preferential treatment, like the much talked about 'country club' prisons.

'The Octopus' seems to be the operational arm of the secret, deep state government, made up also of career bureaucrats who are not elected to their positions of power, money and influence. As damning as the evidence has been against Bill Clinton, and his wife, Hillary, who have been tied to drug smuggling, money laundering and contract murders, his teflon shield always seems to hold up, even protecting him when running for the presidency in the early 1990s.

People didn't know at the time, but Clinton and George H. W. Bush were tied together through the CIA cocaine smuggling operation out of Mena, Arkansas, which had been itself tied in with the famous Iran-Contra Affair, and BCCI[Bank of Credit and Commerce International, aka Bank of Crooks and Criminals] Scandal. Banking, especially BIG banking, and Wall Street has had for decades strong ties with drug money laundering, the intelligence community, terrorism, and the usual financial shenanigans we now expect from these greedy crooked SOBs.

On, before, and after 9/11 these plethora of seedy and shocking connections, once again were exposed as having been involved in the whole terrible event. Our War on Terror was a sham set up by a deliberate, and atrocious false flag, orchestrated by the neocon cronies inside and outside of government. Casolaro's 'Octopus' no doubt was still alive and well, likely having played a strategic part in the carrying off of the attacks, and demolition of the two World Trade Center towers, besides Tower Six.

Once I learned of all these connections is when I truly said to myself that the world I thought I had known would never be the same. There is enough circumstantial connections between the financial crimes, our dealings with Saudi Arabia and Israel, and the behavior and location of certain key and important players, like Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, that a fealess prosecutor could convene a grand jury in order to hear all of it, and doing a deeper investigation of it.

Using RICO statutes would be helpful in this endeavor in ferreting out the still unknown perpetrators, and filing charges against the top dogs, and their minions. War crimes could also be levied against them for what took place in Iraq, and of course, now Syria. Obama some how knows about these things, having had himself a mysterious background, with mysterious financial backers, not even being able to produce a legitimate birth certificate.

Now they expect us to seriously vote possibly for dear old Jeb Bush? Give me a break! The dirty little secrets about 9/11 are better documented than even the JFK assassination investigations, so it is just a matter of there being the political will to bring the guilty up on charges, including for war crime atrocities like torture, illegal rendition and assassinations.

Bin Laden was not killed by Seal Team 6, and he had worked all along for the CIA, going back to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Al Qaeda was the CIA code name for the mujahideen fighting the Soviets, when the CIA first got the idea for using Islamic terrorism to further their 'strategy of tension' to put the Middle and Near East in the order that their masters desired.

Getting back to Corbett's incredible podcast, it itself could be used to bring light upon these nefarious, and insidious connections, besides bringing criminal and war criminal charges. The current bogeyman, Daesh/ISIS/ISIL is yet another CIA and also Pentagon creation meant to destabilize the Middle East, also granting right wing Israel a chance for more land grabs. It is all a sham set up by high level tricksters in order to keep the world, and the American public under an authoritarian thumb.

The only ones out there fighting it in some way are the slightly equally bad old Russians and definitely bad Chinese, who have their own agendas. Personally though I pray that Putin, for all of his big talk with a small walk, comes to the plate, calling for a reinvestigation of 9/11, and the US/NATO GLADIO B state sponsored terrorism that it supports through proxy countries, like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel. Putin is a very smart cookie who was in the former KGB, who has got to know more about what happened on 9/11. His help, supported by the Chinese and Iranian governments could be a game changer in how we look upon this perpetual War on Terror, and the instigating event of 9/11. If anybody could put pressure on the power elites of the world for a deeper investigation of what really lies behind this war, Putin stands out very well, especially given the coup d'etat pulled on him in the Ukraine by the CIA, State Department and the menacing NGOs[Non-Governmental Organizations, funded by people like billionaire, George Soros].

The 'Great Game' as the British used to call it, for the soft underbelly of Russia and China, in Eurasia, is still being played out according to certain plans. This is the GLADIO B operation that FBI whistleblower, Sibel Edmonds, documents in her book,"Lone Gladio," and which is very believable given how the US government has gagged her so completely in our courts.

Again, The Corbett Report, and Sibel's, do a masterful job in outing these treacherous geopolitical games played by the major Western powers. Go there to both so that you finally get to see and hear the truth about the West's quest for global domination and control. The sooner you will see then how the West plays fast and loose with international laws, conventions and agreements, besides dealing only death and destruction upon the hapless people of the Middle East and elsewhere.

We must use the evidence found so far to push for a new 9/11 investigation, which could include all the war crimes, and violations of international law. Why isn't there the public will to press for a new investigation, when all of these things even tie into the 2008 economic collapse? Perhaps it will take a revolution to bring justice! I for one would gladly go down fighting for the truth to win out, as would a few of my friends. For those of you reading this in other strategic countries, hopefully some of you will reach out to your politicians to ask them for an accounting of what has lead to this sham of a war on terror.

Go after the American big wig financial movers and shakers, making them unwanted in your particular country. The more financial pressure, and even divestment of these fat cats will go a long way in realizing the truth, and consequences of this ridiculous, and truly abominable road show that the CIA/Pentagon and NATO are really behind.


sean bres said...

An inspiring piece, go raibh míle maith agat Frank. The one thing I'd advise caution on is this looking to Vladimir Putin as some sort of pole to the neocon order. They are more likely all marching to the one tune. To fully understand all these things you are uncovering you need to look at the fiat monetary system and how the Petrodollar allows them to leverage and control the world economy. He who controls the money supply controls everything and it is here, from behind, where the puppet-masters lurk and carry forward their agenda. Check out a site called 'left hook' by Dean Henderson, he has uncovered many of the connections between Big Oil, the bankers and their manipulative power play in the Persian Gulf. On one other thing to which might interest you, look into the Italian Supreme Court Judge who has filed charges against Blair and Bush at the ICC. This same judge was involved in the uncovering of the original Gladio programme in Italy, all of which is fully documented and proven - even if it's never spoken of in the MSM