Monday, November 9, 2015

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‘Jeremy Corbyn Criticised For Not Bowing Deeply Enough At Cenotaph’ – Guardian Headline!

Ed Moloney thinks the Guardian missed the point in its coverage of Jeremy Corbyn's cenotaph appearance. Ed Moloney blogs @ The Broken Elbow.

You couldn’t make it up.

I thought the Guardian actually missed the real story, which was a) that Corbyn was there at all, b) acknowledged with a wreath of poppies a war (1914-1918) most historians agree was fought in the interests of British imperialism, and c) was wearing a smart suit complete with a neat shirt and tie. Michael Foot how are ye?

Michael Foot at the cenotaph

In which case perhaps the headline should really have read: “Left-wing Labour Leader’s House Training Going Well”.

Here’s the bow:


DaithiD said...

Judging the headlines, i take it he dropped his kecks and spaffed all over the wreaths?