Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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The Ivor Bell Prosecution ....

The Broken Elbow hosts a piece from Peter Sefton asking questions of just how fit for purpose the North's Public Prosecution Service actually is.

The Ivor Bell Prosecution: Brought To You By The Same People Who Screwed Up The Mairia Cahill Case

The Good Old days, when Barra was a pup.

An incisive piece, as always, from Peter Sefton about the contortions behind the prosecution of Ivor Bell.
Originally posted on seftonblog:
Roy Junkin, sometime deputy director of the DPP, used to remind his staff and police the “we are in the ‘E’ business”. E stood for evidence. A case would not be prosecuted unless and until the evidence supported a reasonable prospect of success of conviction.

That was the test.

Barra was just a pup then.

Now the PPS , under Barra’s command, are all over the place.

[Although it should be said that he did apply for another job]

Consider the Ivor Bell case. As I understand it, the case against him is that he has given interviews to the Boston College project and therein he has incriminated himself in the murder of Jean McConville. Thus he has been charged with membership of the IRA and aiding and abetting her murder.

You might think, Dear Reader that before the police arrested him they had some evidence to support the…
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