Thursday, September 3, 2015

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Suggestive Talk Of A Referendum Serves To Deflect From Reality

Sean Bresnahan, PRO 1916 Societies, responds to a letter in the Irish News, in which Sinn Fein’s Matt Carthy attempts to align his party’s non-existent strategy for a United Ireland with calls for an all-Ireland referendum within the republican community.

Matt Carthy’s letter, ‘Partition still biggest impediment to a strong Irish economy’ (Irish News 14th August), attempts to align Sinn Fein’s position on Irish Unity with the right of the Irish people to self-determination. Suggestive talk of a referendum, as though it related to an all-Ireland vote, serves to deflect from reality, to disguise how the Unionist Veto, long rejected by Irish republicans, now lies at the core of his party’s strategic thinking.

Despite efforts to intimate otherwise, Sinn Fein’s position is clear: Irish Unity must wait on a ‘vote in the North’. No matter the political will in the rest of Ireland, nothing can happen without the consent of a majority there – as made clear by successive British Secretaries of State, both prior to the Multi-Party Talks and since. Matt and his leadership have seconded the above and thus exclude a referendum as that he suggests.

What we’re really seeing here is mere posturing and attempts to deceive the Irish people, to have them believe Sinn Fein seek a referendum on Unity, in line with the right to self-determination, when what they’ve already signed up to is a Border Poll, which takes no account of political will in Ireland, in which a national minority holds power of veto over the wishes of the country entire, in which the British government remains the ultimate arbiter of the political process, its sovereign claim to a part of our country intact.

In truth, Matt and his party uphold the same partitionist arrangements railed against throughout, having agreed terms which underscore their legitimacy and thwart the prospect of a United Ireland. No amount of token language can change that. The alternative to such rhetoric is a genuine all-Ireland process, in line with our national rights, which puts Unity on the table where it belongs. Such a campaign, the ‘One Ireland One Vote’ initiative of the 1916 Societies, already exists but Sinn Fein refuse to support it. Indeed they have attacked it. Regardless, anyone in favour of such, Matt Carthy included, can sign our petition at


Tain Bo said...


dual policy for the north and south and a wee bit of dreaming by SF guarantees they will never meet up at the border let alone dismantle it. Selling a United Ireland in the Free State is much the same as selling it in the north problematical.
In the north, the obstacles’ are clear SF cannot hoodwink the loyalists.

In the south, they have made no significant inroads, too busy peddling the party with a new untainted image that only works in the minds of the staunchest SF voter.
Capitulating to British rule in the north left them with nothing but political hypocrisy. I am sure next year we shall see a great show of naked hypocrisy from the Free State government along with the puppets in SF celebrating the failed 1916 rebellion.

The GFA effectively neutered the Irish government and SF’ claim to a United Ireland it will be interesting to hear the nonsense next year as the charlatans pay lip service to memory of 1916.

I doubt the Irish government will make any demands on the Brits and SF will need to put their best show on, as irony is not lost, there were no cheers and joy for the volunteers of 16 paraded through the streets. Humiliated and marched through the gauntlet of abuse from Dublin’s finest republicans cheering for their British victors who would in true British form go on to execute those already defeated for no other reason than making an example out or rebels.

SF surrendered republicanism and were paraded and hailed as victors and marched on to receive all the benefits of cooperating with a foreign government. At one time, a United Ireland was a ship on the horizon now that ship is permanently dry-docked in Westminster

Cue Bono said...

That's democracy for you.

Tain Bo said...


impress yourself much, we do not have a democracy, an imposed state has no foundation in democracy. Northern Ireland has been on a British life support machine since forced partition unionism cannot think outside of its Brit induced coma. When your masters pull the plug there is only two outcomes, one is unionism will wake up the other is it will fade away, it is already in a severe state of deterioration, gone are the grand old days of yore.

Cue Bono said...

You are fully entitled to your dreams so long as you do not break the law trying to achieve them.

Tain Bo said...

Cui Ball,

I am sure the brits will invent some virtual reality to invade my dreams. Don't worry I wont ram a car into innocent people my dreams are well grounded.

Gura slán an scéalaí

pat murphy said...

Cue,thousands would still be alive here if your brethren had lived by that. Hypocrite springs to mind.

Cue Bono said...

I've lived my life within the law so I don't see how I am a hypocrite. If you could let go of your ancient hatred and try living in the real world I think you might have a much more happy and fulfilling life. Being continually angry and blaming all your woes on the Brits and the prods can't be good for you. Just saying.

pat murphy said...

Cue,I think your right,it has'nt. But like yourself I have to blame someone and that someone certainly is'nt me. Have a good one. When you waken let us all know what other wonderful dreams you have had.