Monday, September 21, 2015

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Religious Beliefs Are Harmful

Nothing Is Sacred with a Bread & Roses production.

Here’s this week’s programme. We were away for a month and are really glad to be back on air!


Religious beliefs are harmful

Bread and Roses TV with Maryam Namazie and Fariborz Pooya
1 September 2015

Interview with Matt Dillahunty, Host of Atheist Experience

Background: Religious beliefs can be harmful. At best it can hinder your potential; at worst it can cause murder and mayhem. It prevents you from finding the truth and living life to its fullest.

Also, Europe’s refugee crisis, murder of another Bangladeshi blogger, joint fatwa putting religious ban on shedding of Muslims’ blood, protests in Iraq saying “neither Shia nor Sunni but Secularism” and environmental protest for drying of Urumieh Lake.

Director: Reza Moradi
Translator: Mohammad B


Gerard. said...

America's little known ISIS - The Fundamentalist Mormon Sect that blends polygamy, child rape and organised crime

Peter said...

I enjoy listening to Dillahunty, he seems more grounded and reasonable than Hitch or Dawkins but just as sharp.

Wolfsbane said...

Very simplistic title. Any false idea has its harmful possibilities. Why single out religious false ideas? Has not Marxism murdered its tens of millions? The gulags were proof that 'Religious beliefs are harmful' - especially harmful to those who held them in the face of atheistic materialism.

Atheistic beliefs are harmful in the same way religious beliefs are harmful: they MAY lead to oppression, or self-harm. On the other hand, they may lead to happy and fulfilled lives that benefit others. Depends on the beliefs and how the individual acts on those beliefs.