Friday, September 4, 2015

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Radio Free Eireann Broadcasting 5 September 2015

Sandy Boyer with this weekend's line up on Radio Free Eireann.

This week Radio Free Eireann will feature an interview with Kate Nash, one of the leading Bloody Sunday campaigners, about how a British official with the Stormont Department of  Justice pulled out of a meeting with victims' families and how there is now a list of groups who will be spoken to which excludes many of the most prominent victims groups in the north.

We will then interview journalist Suzanne Breen about this weeks developments in the Stormont crisis and how a case that began in Florida may further complicate the crisis.

We will also hear an important announcement about the upcoming American launch of the One Ireland One Vote campaign.

The program heard on 99.5fm radio at 12noon in New York and by internet at be guest hosted this week by Martin Galvin.