Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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One Ireland One Vote Campaign Begins In Earnest In Omagh

The 1916 Societies have been promoting One Ireland One Vote in Omagh.

The Thomas Ashe Society in Omagh have begun anew our efforts to advance the One Ireland One Vote initiative of the 1916 Societies, of whom we are an affiliate. One Ireland One Vote is a campaign to empower the right of the Irish people to self-determination, to in turn achieve Irish Unity and a sovereign all-Ireland republic.

On Saturday morning past, we carried out the first in a planned series of ‘information drops’, covering the Lammy area of the town and delivering our new leaflet, which sets out the basics of our position and provides an opportunity to learn more about our campaign. The intention is to return again, over the course of the week ahead, and conduct a door-to-door canvass, giving local residents an opportunity to sign our petition for an all-Ireland referendum on Irish Unity.

We hope to roll this campaign out across town moving forward and to engage the people of Omagh in this worthy effort to break the constitutional deadlock in our country.

While on the canvass in Lammy, Chair of the Society, Colin Kerrigan, spoke of his confidence that this ‘new and exciting initiative’ would gain traction both in Omagh and beyond in the months to come, with the run-in to the centenary of the 1916 Rising affording a ‘unique opportunity to put the issue of Irish Unity back on the political centre-ground where it belongs’.

Continuing, he remarked, ‘with the six-county political establishment in a constant state of crisis and the southern economy saddled with an odious debt, Ireland is not working as it should and it is our people who suffer the consequences. Whether it’s water charges in the South, welfare reform in the North, housing shortages, homelessness, waiting lists or cuts to education, the country is experiencing turmoil across the board with seemingly no end in sight.

‘For ourselves in the 1916 Societies, the solution lies in establishing an all-Ireland democracy, an Irish Republic that directs the state and the economy to serve the people, rather than the interests of Big Business, who have for too long been given a free lunch in this country by weak politicians. People are fed up with false promises from electioneering politicians and are beginning to demand change. We hope One Ireland One Vote can play a role in delivering as much.’

The Thomas Ashe Society was founded in 2011 by republicans in Omagh concerned with the failure of mainstream nationalism to advance a credible campaign for a United Ireland. Both our group and our campaign are open to all who hope to see Irish Unity at the centre of political discussion in Ireland today. For anyone wishing to join or help with the campaign, we can be reached on Facebook or on Twitter. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here through this site


sean bres said...

Nice one chara, thanks for carrying. That's my wife and youngest daughter in the middle. Was a good morning's work, as Bobby said in that memorable phrase, our revenge will be the laughter of our children

John Morgan said...

‘’It Shall Be The First Duty Of The Government Of The Republic To Make Provision For The Physical, Mental And Spiritual Well-Being Of The Children, To Secure That No Child Shall Suffer Hunger Or Cold From Lack Of Food, Clothing, Or Shelter, But That All Shall Be Provided With The Means And Facilities Requisite For Their Proper Education And Training As Citizens Of A Free And Gaelic Ireland.’’