Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Radio Free Eireann Broadcasting 29 August 2015

Sandy Boyer with what is on the menu from Radio Free Eireann this weekend.

Today Saturday August 29 Radio Free Eireann will be dedicated to Séamus Ó Dubhda who passed away this week. Séamus, a life long Irish republican and champion of the Irish language, was a founder of Republican Sinn Fein and a leader of the National Irish Freedom Committee. John McDonagh and Mike Costello of the National Irish Freedom Committee will pay tribute to Séamus.

We will also track the crisis in the peace process with Suzanne Breen who writes for The Belfast Telegraph. The Guardian of London reports that the Northern Ireland coalition government is "hanging by a thread" after the Ulster Unionist Party left the Executive and with the Democratic Unionist Party threatening to follow.

Radio Free Eireann broadcasts at 12 Noon on Saturdays on WBAI 99.5FM and where shows are archived.