Wednesday, July 22, 2015

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Suruc Massacre

Mick Hall with a terse, poignant comment on the effects of massacre. Mick Hall is a Marxist blogger @ Organised Rage.


The three young women in this photo, so full of joy and hope had their lives stolen by Isil shortly after the photo was taken. Enough said for now.


sean bres said...

There can never be enough said on this, though of course I understand the sentiment. The ongoing terrorist violence in Syria, and the role of Britain and her allies in establishing ISIL, has been ignored for far too long. These deaths are a product of British divide and conquer strategies, themselves designed to destabilise the region and in turn prop up the Israeli garrison. This is going on far too long and with no end in sight. Britain and the others involved should be held accountable for their actions. The real savages are those manipulating the situation on the ground, as though this 'game' they are playing, and the lives involved, are somehow not real. Over 200,000 dead, half the population either internally displaced or exiled, this is all too real and the British establishment is at the root of it. These people are absolutely sick, demented, evil, you name it. All the words they deceitfully employ against their own monstrous creation are staring these psychopaths in the face. Pure evil, as we know all too well from our own experiences

nicola kerr said...

I read on this blog a journo refer to a volunteer as a psychopath but was the sniper that killed the volunteer not the same is tony Blair not a psychopath after all he help murder over a million souls in Iraq and now mercenaries rule now why is Obama not described as a psychopath with a drone and it looks like there's a shoot to kill policy against poor black people in Obamas America it seams these people are trying to out do each other in the killing stakes and no American president has ever done Ireland one favour against england

chchlc2222 chchlc2222 said...

It should be remembered that this was an attack on Kurds,socialists and secularists. And the attack was either allowed to happen or prompted by Turkey's Erdogan.

sean bres said...

Erdogan is the regional puppet of imperialism and of course this was all carried through in relation to Ankara's policy. But Ankara itself is subject to the empire

Organized Rage said...


Agree with you first post completely, well said.