Wednesday, June 17, 2015

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No Time To Say Goodbye

Antoin O'Hara on a song just released by Shoe The Donkey which he urges people to buy. Antoin O'Hara is a former blanketman.

On Monday 9th June a song was released on downloads, with all sales going to the Charity Foyle Search and Rescue.

No Time to say goodbye, performed by Shoe The Donkey, is a heart wrenching song of sorrow and loss, written for those many families that have had to struggle through the loss of a relative, usually a Teenager, that have taken their own lives due to depression, drugs or alcohol.

This is affecting tens of thousands all over these Islands, especially in this present climate of poverty and austerity. It doesn't matter where you live, be it in Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool or Edinburgh etc. This is happening everywhere.

It is also a song of hope that, through proper funding, we can save more lives and find a better way to help our Citizens. The song is dedicated to all those unsung Hero's in every walk of life that care and help the most vunerable in society.

We ask your help in promoting this song. Please share it with everyone.
No Time to Say Goodbye (feat. Eamonn Karran & Eamon Ó Dochartaigh)
A song of hope


Anonymous said...

Antoin thanks for putting this up. Might I suggest the song be promoted on Olagola (Irish prevent suicide site) which has enormous volume of ppl on it both within Ireland & internationally. Olagola is also on Facebook if you want to have a gander. The soundgrab sample imo is too short Many people would buy the song both within and outside of Ireland and support the cause but I think they should be given a large sample of the song if not all of it. Another suggestion! Why is it not up on Youtube That way it gets more leverage. I would also put it up on Liveleak site if I was promoting it. Anyways if u could pass this info on to musos Ta

Anonymous said...

Antoin Link to Olagola website

Sing like said...


Sing like said...

No Time to say goodbye

Words and Music by Antoin O Hara

you won't understand this thing I must do to end this torture inside
I no longer can bear this darkest despair, that from you I was able to hide
and now I feel such hopelessness , I have nothing left to try
I must get release I must find that peace, and I've No time to say goodbye

There's tears in the river that flows through our wee town
tears mixed with heartbreak that really brings us down
And one by one our young boys and girls take thier own lives
and our precious ones are gone with no time to say goodbye

I know I was your Angel, and for me you were always there
but my wings have been too damaged to ever repair
Depression, drugs, to much Alcohol has my insides dry
no more hoping , I am now broken, and I've No time to say goodbye

don't blame yourselves for not trying more, for I know you always cared
there was nothing you or anyone could do as my soul had been stripped bare
No more sorrow will I bring to you, no more will I have to lie
hold my picture and see, cherish my memory and we will never say goodbye

Sing like said...

btw Mary - I sent that group 2 emails and they never replied.