Thursday, May 28, 2015

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Shock Horror! RTE Told: Don’t Run O’Brien IBRC Report.

Direct Democracy Ireland asks questions of RTE about the hush culture around Denis O'Brien.
Fine Gael’s favorite, Denis O’Brien, has been granted a court injunction to stop RTE broadcasting a report on his banking affairs, which comes has no surprise and its beggars belief that RTE would try fool people into thinking it would have ever have run such a story.

The report concerns Denis O’Brien’s dealings with the Irish Bank Resolution Corporation formerly known as the toxic Anglo Irish Bank. Mr Justice Donald Binchy ruled yesterday 21st May that the details of the judgment cannot be published until certain parts of it are redacted. Now this leads to many questions like what has to be redacted and why?

The IBRC also brought a separate but related application which again was no major surprise. What is it these people fear about the citizens of this country finding out about their financial dealings? RTE opposed on a number of grounds including the right to freedom of expression and public interest which in itself is farcical given that RTE never allows anyone with a view, that is not equal to that of the major political parties, to have a voice, often completely bypassing our right to freedom of expression in the public interest.

RTE – Cat, kettle, black … and all that.