Tuesday, May 26, 2015

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Child Victims And Barra McGrory’s Public Prosecution Service

Ed Moloney follows up with a further observation on the British Public Prosecution Service in the North. Ed Moloney blogs at The Broken Elbow.

More on Barra McGrory’s Public Prosecution Service from former prosecuting attorney Peter Sefton. It is worth noting that the date of his complaint follows Barra McGrory’s appointment as DPP by some five months.

So there can be no excuse along the lines of: ‘I wasn’t in charge then’. I predict a rough ride as DPP for Barra with a possibly tearful ending.

Incidentally, does Northern Ireland have a functioning media any more? Why are the hacks not digging up this stuff themselves? Why have they become just stenographers and not very good ones at that? Oh sorry, I forgot. Might be unhelpful to the peace process….and that would never do!

Originally posted on seftonblog:

In March 2012 , having unsuccessfully prosecuted a case in respect of a child who, at the time of the alleged offences was under four, I wrote a report to Roger Davison, then Regional prosecutor, PPS Lisburn.

I set out the facts of the case and voiced my concerns for similar cases, in the future. I was concerned , because of the professional advice which I had received ,about extremely young witnesses and their capacity to give evidence.

My report did not rate even an acknowledgement from the Regional Prosecutor, who went on to be involved with the Mairia Cahill case.

The public should recognise and be concerned about the quality of the criminal justice system. It would be a mistake to think that Mairia Cahill, AA and BB are exceptions.


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Like Rodgers, Grizzly has led disciples up ~~~~ creek. Sack the arrogant Antrim man.