Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Strange Logic

In 1976 the Electric Light Orchestra released a hit single, Strange Magic. Gerry McCartney, seemingly Blinded By The Light, another hit single from the same year recorded by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, has at the recent Sinn Fein Ard Fheis rendered his own version of the ELO song: Strange Logic.


Robert said...


A touch of satirical brillance. This will be the subject of recall throughout the evening,having me bent double with raucous laughter.

Having said that, if I am honest, I actually experience the stirrings of some pity for Gerry McCartney. Despite the assured realisation that Gerry's stint on the podium has more to do with the dynamics of the cult that surrounds one of their 'inspirational leaders' than being compelled by the need for reconcilliation; I couldn't help observing that the clip, in freezed frame, appears slightly distorted endowing Gerry with an uncanny likeness to Father Jack Hackett.
On opening the clip I expected to hear Gerry/Jack ranting about 'Hairy Japanese Bastards' but it was even more strange than that. I mean, this whole business of the Queen's attendance at the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Nice choice of ELO. Their renderings of `Last Train To London' or 'Ticket To The Moon' may have provided for equally rich pickings.

AM said...


the way the video was put together you would think Gerry was demented. Fr Jack is a good analogy.

More importantly is the backdrop it offers to the place they are in these days.

Strange Magic is one of my favourite pieces of music.

marty said...

Rule Britannia ,Britannia waives the rules ,
with quislings like these
we shall always be slaves.
Anthony a cara that eejit Gerrybroy has to be demented

Anonymous said...

That was one of the funniest collection of words from a shinner that I’ve heard in a long time.

Give him his MBE he deserves it.

The audience clip at the end was appropriate when one discovers the pre-security checks before the Derry Ard Fheis which was apparently something like that of a conservative party conference where bomb detectors, scanners etc were all brought into the building the day before it began.

Robert said...


'More importantly is the backdrop it offers to the place they are in these days'

I can hardly claim that that place is not, for a Unionist, a source of satisfaction. The interest is I suppose one of anthropology. I marvel at the bizarre subculture that has been created. It makes for fascinating viewing. The intellectual and political contortions required to transform, what is in all reality, a republican apocalypse to one of xanadu appears to cause no disturbance - only increased adulation for the leadership.

Robert said...


'The audience clip at the end was appropriate when one discovers the pre-security checks'

The checks were probaly to ensure that no republicans slipped into the building!
One of the funny aspects of Gerry's output, and there were many, was his mention of McGuinness putting himself and that of his family in harms way. Given that those of a violent bent have jogged past the house of the 'Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northstead' to attack the home of a Catholic PSNI officer's elderly parents I wondered as to the source of the danger? Being a bangers and mash man myself, splitting quail eggs and boning halibut must present some inherent dangers that I'm not aware of.

Anonymous said...

Robert another similarity that guy has with father Jack is that he's drunk.

If someone was to write a fictional novel 30 years ago with all this shinner crap in it it would've been rejected by the publishers for being too far out loopy shit and the author sectioned under the mental heath act.

Amnesia obviously comes with the GBP when you're a shinner.