Friday, April 17, 2015

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Ruan O'Donnell, John Crawley And Bob White On Radio Free Eireann

Sandy Boyer with who Radio Free Eireann is talking to this weekend.

Ruan O'Donnell, noted University of Limerick lecturer and author will preview his upcoming American tour about the indispensable AMERICAN ROLE IN THE 1916 RISING on Radio Free Eireann on Saturday April 18th.

John Crawley, American born former US MARINE RECON, and former Irish Republican political prisoner well known from his capture on the Marita Anne, now a member of the 1916 Societies will talk about a new political strategy and initiative to unite Ireland called One Ireland One Vote

Prof Robert White of Indiana University will talk about the university's historic Irish section in which the IRISH PEOPLE weekly is being put on line so that everyone can study on a contemporary basis about the events in Ireland and American support during the historic period of the troubles. 

The program will be guest hosted this week by Martin Galvin.