Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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Inspector Ouija

Has the PSNI investigation into the Bloody Sunday massacre literally reached a dead end? Pauline Mellon graphically slices through the tawdry mush of British police PR. She firmly puts her finger on the institutional indifference that defines the PSNI perspective towards the past and truth recovery for those who were butchered by the security services of the British state. Pauline Mellon is a rights activist and justice campaigner in the North West. She Blogs at The Diary of A Derry Mother.

Pauline Mellon states that:

As part of the alleged Bloody Sunday murder investigation the police have developed a new strategy for interviewing the dead. This comes after they visited the former home of Peggy Mellon who has been dead ten years.

PSNI contempt for the nationalist dead resulting from British state terrorism is nothing short of nauseating.