Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Dublin 1916 Societies To Protest Pepper Asset Management This Friday – Tallaght Stadium At 7pm

The 1916 Societies will be supporting Tallaght Says No.

This Friday, 17th April, Dublin 1916 Societies will be joining ‘Tallaght Says No’ at Tallaght Stadium – home of Shamrock Rovers FC – at 7pm prior to their home fixture with Dundalk. The protest relates to Pepper Asset Management, who sponsor Shamrock Rovers, who’ve been busy hovering up toxic mortgages at a knock-down price.

Those who have seen their loans transferred to Pepper have been harassed and in many cases forcibly evicted onto the streets, so Pepper, like Ktech Security, have been in our sights for some time due to their activities in the eviction business.

Reports by the Hub Ireland of a young women driven to suicide, harassed to her death by Pepper Asset Management – in their relentless pursuit of profit – has prompted this action. As with Ktech Security, we are calling for a boycott of this company and as sponsors of a reputable sporting club we consider it an opportune moment to highlight their immoral practices.

It must also be stressed this protest is not in any way aimed at Shamrock Rovers or their fans, who have a proud history of supporting progressive causes. Companies like Pepper wrap themselves in a cloak of respectability to disguise their true activities, so it’s only right that when people are being driven to suicide a clear light is shone on these activities.

Republicanism has always been defined by the core egalitarian principles which lie at its heart, where the needs of the many come before those of the few. We place the needs of ordinary people before the vulture funds exploiting economic stress in our communities, regardless of the social repercussions.

We welcome the support of Tallaght Says No – who have never been found wanting in tackling austerity in whatever form. Only through meaningful working-class cooperation can the many and challenging societal issues we face in Ireland today be tackled and faced down. Companies such as Pepper are a barrier to such and so we welcome all support this Friday at 7pm, outside the main stand at Tallaght Stadium.