Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 27

Christy Walsh on Day 27 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Messrs Robinson and McGuinness

Today marks my 26th day on Hunger-strike and still neither of you have responded to reasonable requests.

The following is a sample of the prima facie  evidence that I have confirming serious prosecutorial misconduct. The following is an extract of my Trial Testimony in 1992 while being cross-examination by the Prosecutor, Gary McCrudden:

Q668. With the wires coming out at the top. I want to suggest to you that the only photographs that you were shown was the album which is exhibit 5?
A. Your honour, I was shown two photographs with this object on the wall. One was at closer range than the other. That was down at that corner where Corporal Blacklock stopped me. (Page 617 of Trial Transcripts.)

The two Photographs below were contained in one of the Prosecutor, Gary McCrudden’s files, which I took from the courtroom without his knowledge at the close of my Appeal in March 2010.

With no apparent Photographs of the device sitting in its original position on the wall, the Prosecutor’s two main Military Witnesses testified that the device was sitting in a vantage point that best suited their false claims.  Since the members of the Parachute Regiment gave their false Testimony at my Trial; 1 has disclosed that they had been coached; another retracted his trial testimony under police caution; and, a 3rd had been ordered to rewrite his statement to omit exculpatory evidence. 

David Ford has concluded that the Soldiers' evidence all "remains intact" against me and he therefore has determined that I am guilty.  Without having a shred of evidence other than the false testimony of his Military Witnesses the Crown Prosecutor, Mr Gary McCrudden, summed up at my Trial that:

It is a question of a conspiracy of lies, a deliberate attempt to have this man convicted of an offence for which he should not have been convicted.”
“This case so far as the essential facts are concerned is black and white, either there is a concoction and a fabrication, a series of dastardly lies being told by the military witnesses in this case or there is not. Mistake does not enter into it in my respectful submission.”
(Pages 517 & 523 Trial Transcripts.)

My account has been consistent from the moment Corporal Blacklock stopped me on 5th June 1991.  Whereas, there is no keeping track of how many different versions the Soldiers have made up.  Factual, exculpatory, indelible evidence does not count. What it comes down to is this, Martin McGuinness, Peter Robinson and David Ford prefer the contradictory and false accounts of the Parachute Regiment. 

Yours Sincerely
Christy Walsh


Pauline Mellon said...


Have you considered calling a press conference?

Anonymous said...


The Irish News and others are all blanking me out. It seems they prefer a corrupt barristers/legal system.