Monday, April 6, 2015

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Christy Walsh Hunger Strike: Day 22

Christy Walsh on Day 22 of his hunger strike with a copy of an email he sent this morning to Stormont First Minister Peter Robinson and his deputy, Martin McGuinness.

Dear Messrs Robinson & McGuinness

Today marks my 21st day on Hunger-strike and still neither of you have responded to reasonable requests.

My judicial review application was focused upon David Ford's refusal to exercise his statutory powers and refer prosecutorial misconduct to the Criminal Justice Inspectorate as he is obliged to do. I remind you both that, one member of the Parachute Regiment has retracted his Trial Testimony under police caution; another has said that they had been "coached" prior to my Trial; and, a third was ordered to make another statement omitting exculpatory evidence.

And, I recovered more exculpatory Photographic evidence from the prosecutor's files which he had withheld at my Trial. RUC Detective Superintendent John Derek Martindale was present in Castlereagh on 5th June 1991. His records identify a different person having had possession of the coffee-jar device. The above is just the flavor of evidence in my possession, I have considerably more and it all confirms serious prosecutorial misconduct.

Mr Ford has perverted the course of justice by knowingly and intentionally putting false evidence before His Honour Mr Justice Weatherup on 31st May 2012. Your determination to hide, from me, the evidence in my possession, and, the rule of law makes it quite clear that some are immune from scrutiny or accountability no matter what their crime.

It is reasonable to assume Mr McGuinness that your failure to secure an amnesty for your fellow Republicans and now your implicit acceptance of David Ford's/DoJ statement that my application must fail lest it expose the wrongful/unlawful convictions of other Nationalists/Republicans might not be disconnected.

Yours Sincerely

Christy Walsh


Anonymous said...


Thank you for fixing the number of days it was too late when I saw your email. And that you again for all you have done to date.

Best Wishes