Friday, April 17, 2015

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Christy Walsh Ends Hunger Strike

After 32 days with out food in protest against the prosecutorial misconduct that first resulted in his false imprisonment and then stained his character, Christy Walsh has brought his hunger strike to a conclusion. Here he explains why.

Having met with Martin McGuinness from the OFMDFM and Raymond McCartney of the Assembly Justice Committee yesterday afternoon I, last night, terminated my protest action.

For the past thirty two days I had been on hunger strike in a bid to have David Ford's smearing of my character expunged from the record. The news and print media in general seemed indifferent to the injustice I was confronting. The Andersonstown News alone paid it any serious attention.

Largely the task of highlighting my stance was left to the democratic sphere known as social media where activists and supporters were relentless as advocates in raising awareness.

Martin McGuinness gave me a number of private assurances in the presence of a lawyer who accompanied me on yesterday's visit. Amongst them was an undertaking to pursue my concerns regarding the real matter at the heart of this case – prosecutorial misconduct. Of equal significance was his unqualified support for my case, expressed via the Sinn Fein website immediately after our meeting. It was a clear sign of good intent.

My supporters have urged me to reciprocate this action by Mr McGuinness. I do so gladly. The rigour of almost five weeks without food brings its own desire to see movement that not only ends the physical discomfort but also substantively enhances the prospects of a successful outcome to my long running fight for justice which I have been waging since 1991.

I wish to thank Martin McGuinness and Raymond McCartney for the dignified manner in which they treated me. I also wish to thank all my online supporters and friends, as well as all those people who were by my side in Belfast yesterday. Most of all I would like to thank my family who were a rock of support and comfort throughout.

I am relieved that this immediate ordeal is at an end. My campaign to secure justice is not at an end but has, yesterday, taken a significant step forward.  

I would again like to express my gratitude to all those who contributed to ensuring that progress was made. At the end of this I will be fully cleared, fully vindicated, my reputation cleared of any residual taint left by David Ford's malicious allegations and refusal to behave as a Justice Minister befitting the title.

Best Regards 

Christy Walsh


AM said...

An outcome in your favour Christy. You made a strong stand and many people who previously had never heard of you or the injustice you were subjected to are now very much aware of it. You made the right decision to bring that form of your campaign to a close.

marty said...

You made the right decision Christie re coming of the hunger strike,putting yourself and your family through hell is not my idea of pursuing an injustice , the Brehon law days are long gone .you a articulate ,intelligent and well versed in the ways of the judiciary ,and after the events of yesterday , the promises made should inspire you to keep yourself well to make those who made those promises live up to to their word.there may not be light at the end of the tunnel yet but at least the train is now moving , good luck a cara .

pat murphy said...

Well done Christy and the best of luck. God knows you will need it. You deserve justice but in my opinion the bastards responsible for your plight deserve their just rewards as well,but don't hold your breath on that score. Some pen pusher will maybe be scoulded to appease the media and that buck teethed prick a seat in the lords. Isn't British justice just great?.god bless.

Anonymous said...

Thank God.
You have been foremost in our prayers Christy.
I found a letter acknowledging receipt of correspondence on your plight from 10 Downing Street on coming home from work this afternoon.Let me know if you want a copy scanned for your own use.


AM said...

Full credit to Radio Free Eireann for stepping up to the plate on the matter also.

eddie said...

Christy, Its a pity you had to go to such lengths. As long as your foot remains in the justice door they will never be able to close that door on you. Best wishes

Simon said...

I haven't commented so far but I am very glad you have found a route to find justice.

I didn't even read all your posts Christy as I knew I wouldn't be able to stop myself posting my opinion that you should stop the hunger strike. Not that I didn't support your position but I felt the risk of you losing your life was too great particularly given the attitude of those in power over the last 35 years. I felt you were jeopardising your health and life and your protest would fall on deaf ears.

I am glad I didn't comment as it wasn't my place to give counsel. I am struck by your determination and fervour and hope you get justice. Full justice is unlikely as those who are primarily responsible for your plight will go unpunished. However I hope you get what you are looking for.

You appear to be a decent person. That was apparent at the start so I didn't like the thought of you in harms way. However I understand that a person can subjectively see no other option. Glad to see you safe!

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the kind remarks.

Eddie you are right and I never stepped back instead I came off because Martin McGuinness gave his personal assurance that he is stepping in. I can't disclose all of what was agreed because I want to allow McG to follow up on matters without my interference.

Marty I made the right decision because I had a formidable team of people such as yourself and Marie behind me who rose to the occasion to help me and give really good support and advice which was invaluable.

I got a break through at a good time because, although I didn't want to alarm those around me but I can say now that shortly before I went in my doctor had phoned me with the latest test results that the toxin levels in my liver were at a dangerous level so now I can start taking things to start flushing out the toxins -so Simon all is well that ends well.


DaithiD said...

Christy , I would like to echo the sentiments of the other comments here, and I hope there are no lasting physical effects, however, I do not see the necessity of a hunger strike to expedite such an outcome. Martin McGuinness potential contribution is welcome, but should death have ever been an alternative to it?

Anonymous said...

Maith thu! Christy! You have reminded us all that one person with the support of others can make a difference!

Now that the war is over let the real struggle commence!

There are many miscarriage of justice case! In the last year we have lost great campaigners including Gerry Conlon and tony catney! The fact is we can't afford to loose any more!

Use your oblivious intelligence to highlight your case and the many more !

U know u were framed! I thanks to people like anthony McIntyre I now believe you are innocent! I have told so many people of ur case in the USA , they have read your blogs and firmly believe you are the victim of yet another British miscarriage of justice.

Congrats to you and your family and thanks to anthony for bringing this case to our attention!

Adh mor a chara!

Pauline Mellon said...


You made the right decision, you have shown that you're not going away and that you have the support of a broad range of people.

Remember to watch 'What about Bob'.


All credit to yourself and Carrie for continually highlighting this issue. TPQ is more valuable than you maybe realise.

Onwards and upwards!

Simon said...

Christy, ask your doctor about milk thistle. I use it to clean my liver of toxins from the tablets I take. You can get it in liquid or tablet form. Check if it is okay to take. Works wonders.

Glad to hear you are okay.

Msspikemilligan said...

Glad that this ill-advised protest is over, for the sake of the Walsh Family. What is quite amazing is that a nationalist/republican politician is presented with a major opportunity to issue a damning indictment of Diplock,one of the most corrupt legal systems! Instead he issues a statement saying ' this man should get some money'!
As far as his further assurances Mr Walsh, ask Mrs Haggerty about the value of those!

Anonymous said...


The lawyers, Judiciary and power sharing executive combined had ring fenced me to neutralise and silence me in order to cover-up up for the corruption of the legal system and they made sure they had left me no other option available to me. Ill-advised suggests there was another option available to me that I had not tried.

Martin McGuinness had about 6 weeks notice that I was going on hunger-strike but it was not until I exceeded 30 days on hunger-strike for him to act. And he was not asked to do anything earth shattering so you should take from that that the whole system was entrenched and stacked against me but for my extreme action. -the question is why was such extreme action have been the only option?

Simon will follow that up. For the first time I was in agony all last night and had to take a mix of baking powder and apple cider vinegar and water to ease stomach cramps.


Simon said...

Christy, make sure to check with your doctor first. Your scenario might need a specific remedy. In normal circumstances they're great but you don't want to risk any further damage.

Some tablets you need to keep taking as stopping will have an adverse affect. The good thing with Milk Thistle is you can stop taking them at any time. So when you're feeling better you can stop taking them if you wish without any relapse.

Msspikemilligan said...

Diplock Courts, There must be thousands of past combatants,republican and loyalists who live restricted lives because of past convictions. If your conviction was overturned, is it true then that you dont have any such restrictions in your life?
Is it also true that you need a special 'declaration of innocense ' from Ford or the court itself to get access to compensation?
This hungerstrike resembles that of the late Martin Meehan in 1980! I stand to be corrected (i'm sure there are more knowledgeable contributors here on that period) but is it not true that his protest was frowned apon by republicans/nationalists with distaste as it was seen as selfish in the circumstances.
Why therefore should your actions be seen any differently?

Anonymous said...


You are not correct in believing that I have no restrictions on my life. The state's official position is that I am a 'terrorist' bomber or would be bomber. That is significant burden on my life and needs to be removed. For example, you have obviously been influenced to believe that I too was a member of the IRA just like Martin Meehan was? So you have been adversely influenced by the malicious Diplock Case against me as it still clearly clouds your mind. I have not been the only one whose life has been impacted by the corrupt practices of the Diplock Courts.

David Ford has made clear that my fight is not selfish, as you suugest, I quote; "If Walsh's application succeeds it may gain a higher profile and raise questions over other convictions."

My own Legal arguments to the court make my objectives clear, I quote: "4. The case against the Justice Minister concerns my constitutional and Convention rights and not compensation entitlements."

If you are being fair minded and not merely trying to deflect from state accountability then maybe you should turn your attention to the implications of a Crown Prosecutor being protected by the Judicairy, Politicians and lawyers because he has been caught read handed. I have not crumbled to the abuses of the Diplock Courts but instead I have done my best to expose that corruption to the benefit of everyone. It is odd that you might see it differently?

Is it true that you see trying to pick my motives apart as a means of deflecting from the real issue --the political, judicial and legal corruption that is required to cover-up for the Diplock Courts? Most people generally don't pick on the underdog -it takes a particular sort of person to do that.


Henry JoY said...

Congratulations Christy.
Though I did have reservations about your strategy (communicated to you in private correspondence) I am thrilled that you have got a commitment from McGuinness to see this injustice sorted. Pleased also that you had your solicitor present to witness those commitments. Well done sir.
And be assured of my ongoing support on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the path to justice finally prevailing but I still wouldn’t hold my breath on it.
What you lacked in your hunger strike was maximum publicity and this was being intentionally denied of you from main stream media and political parties.
Fight the power Christy all the way and get your story out there.

Msspikemilligan said...

Diplock courts, the best thing I can say right now is go recuperate. You and your family have been through quite an ordeal .Thanks to people like Pauline Mellon, Mrs Nash and others but especially The Pensive quill ( without whom you would'nt have had a shout!) , The Mc Intyre family for their commitment to the truth.