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Abuse That Occurred At Kincora, Elm Guest House, And Dolphin Square Are All Linked Hence The British Establishment Cover-Up

Mick Hall writing on the Kincora scandal. Mick Hall is a veteran Marxist activist and trade unionist who blogs at Organized Rage.

Having recently listened to Richard Kerr describing how he suffered sexual abuse whilst a resident in the Kincora Boys Home, one cannot but be outraged by the lack of justice for him and the other victims who were warehoused in that wretched place.
It's become increasingly clear members of the so called VIP Paedophile ring and others used the boys who lived there and similar institutions across the UK as their playthings, to satisfy their perverted pleasures. Safe in the knowledge they were untouchable as far as the rule of law was concerned. Senior members of the British government and security services, past and present, some of whom engaged in paedophile activities themselves, have for decades covered up these dastardly crimes and continue to do so right up to this day.

How can we claim we live in a civilised nation when children have been sexually abused by members of the Establishment while State agencies tasked with protecting the citizens of this State looked on? Not one of those involved with this so called VIP Paedophile ring have been brought before a court of law whether they were the perpetrators or involved in the cover up. Only now when most are dead and buried do we get a glimpse of the depths of depravity those who masquerade as our betters sunk to. The behaviour of this human garbage brings shame on our nation and it has to be said us all for allowing such people to govern us.

There is absolutely no excuse for the failure to prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes, as the victimisation of some of the most vulnerable children in Northern Ireland by paedophiles at the Kincora Children's Home for Boys, has been common knowledge for decades in the North of Ireland and beyond. Yet due to intimidation and an unwillingness to go up against the British establishment, the mainstream media has either failed to cover this story or when they did it was with a very light touch which included an unhealthy sprinkling of words like 'alleged allegations' 'conspiracy theory' and the like.

Looking back it's incredulous that Kincora was first opened in 1958 by the local health authority to provide shelter for teenage boys who faced an abusive home life. What obscene irony there is in this! It's long been known by the authorities children's homes were like a fly to a honey pot for many paedophiles and Kincora was no exception. What was exceptionable about it was the high level of state collusion which went on within that ghastly and heartless place.

The RUC must have had knowledge of what went on within Kincora given one of the perverts who ran it and acted as an enabler for the VIP's who visited it was an RUC informer. Yet the police failed to investigate. They were finally forced to look into this matter after Gerry Fitt made a speech in the UK Parliament outlining the suffering of the boys. A report was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions detailing allegations of boys being sexually abused and prostituted. This resulted on 3 April 1980 in three members of staff at the home being convicted and sent to prison. One of them William McGrath was a well know loyalist paramilitary with links to the RUC, who had been an MI5 tout since the 1960s.

Although the three men were undoubtedly guilty of the crimes they were convicted of they were the thin end of the wedge, and once convicted as far as the State were concerned it was case closed. Never mind young vulnerable working class teenagers were bullied, beaten, buggered, prostituted, transported across the Irish sea and traded for money across the UK, all under the watchful eye of British intelligence. Instead of passing this knowledge to the prosecuting authorities they denied it even existed. When it comes to the British security services victims of such crimes are mere collateral damage. It was the perpetrators who received their protection. Nor were they beyond smearing those who thought otherwise.

Since then, to sidestep all attempts to get at the truth the old tried and trusted tool of the British ruling classes for centuries, the public enquiry was brought into play to ensure the filthy secrets of the British ruling classes were kept deep in the bowels of SIS headquarters at Vauxhall Bridge.
Lord Janner of Braunstone enjoying a freebie to Gibraltar at expense of UK tax payers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Public Inquiries, overseen by Establishment figures and tame judges aren't held to bring out the facts, name the guilty parties and bring them to justice. There purpose is to protect the guilty, whether they're the perpetrators of these crimes or the State agencies who have covered them up. If this is impossible they tinker around the edges in the hope of kicking the problem into the long grass where it will lay until all of those involved have left the national stage.

There is no better example of this type of establishment cover up than the case of Greville Janner, a former MP who had a history of paedophilia going back decades. Inquiries, police investigations and decisions by the CPS/DPP all came to nothing, and when Janner stood down as an MP and was nominated for the House of Lord's, the security services gave him a clean bill of health. Which they must have known was a despicable lie. But hey, Janner's victims were just the little people!

Whenever a journalist came close to exposing the nest of Paedophiles at Kincora for what they were and in some cases presumably still are, Central government did Mi5's bidding. D notices have been issued, enquiries sabotaged by the very politicians and civil servants who helped set them up. Victims have been threatened to keep their mouths shut. The latest example of this type of chicanery was by Theresa May, the outgoing Coalition government's Tory Home Secretary, who refused to extend the child sexual abuse inquiry she set up to include Kincora. Her sorry excuse was its remit does not cover NI or Scotland.

Never mind some of the Kincora boys were sent across the Irish sea to be buggered and brutalised by prominent people at the Elm Guest House in Barnes, south London, which was a paedophiles brothel. To flats in Dolphin Square, a block of apartments near Parliament used by MPs which are now at the centre of claims of alleged child abuse and possibly murders currently being investigated by Scotland Yard.

We know this because Channel 4 news carried a harrowing segment in which Richard Kerr detailed as a 15 year old boy he was brought from Kincora to the Elm Guest House in Barnes, and among a number of despicable and cowardly acts was tied up with his hands behind his back, while men took photographs of him. He was also taken to a flat in Dolphin Square and abused by a prominent member of the 'VIP Paedophile ring.'

If trafficking children for sex from one part of the UK to another is not a reason to include Koncora in the Inquiry into child sex abuse, led by New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard, its hardly surprising some of the victims have little faith in her. If it's not included how can they and the general public have any faith this inquiry is a serious attempt to expose wrongdoing.

The lengths May and Cameron's government have gone to sniffle and stop the truth coming out must seem startling if you fail to understand the lengths the English ruling classes will go to cover up its crimes, past or present. May tried twice to insert a safe pair of establishment hands at the inquiries head. Her gerrymandering was so blatant she was finally forced to the former colonies to find a judge who allegedly has no connections with either the members of the VIP Paedophile ring or those who actively covered up the scandal.

Sadly, fears by the victims that Goddard might be a patsy were enhanced when she said survivors lack "sufficient objectivity" to be full quasi-judicial members. Is it any wonder victims like Richard Kerr are still reluctant and fearful of naming the VIP Paedophiles who abused them, when senior members of the British government, civil service and security services are still doing all in their power to protect the perpetrators of such evil crimes.

Teresa May might also like to explain the absence of the Kincora files from the routine January 2013 release of 1982 government papers by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland under the 30-year rule.


frankie said...

This is something to dwell on so Nick is a fantasist. Personally I don't think Nick existed or if he did, he has to be a very well paid stool pigeon. This is what Harvey Proctor had to say..."Mr Proctor, 71, previously stated that the investigation and allegations resulted in him losing his job and his home, and also caused him to suffer 'a major depressive illness' and damage to his reputation.

Listen to what Proctor said in After Dark in 1988 and then listen to what Richard Kerr said really happened in Kincora and by whom. Look at the haunted look Richard 's face not only has he been to hell and back, he has to live with the ritualistic abused he recieved while in care until he dies.

My question is to the spooks in Hollywood who probably look at this blog. Why don't you simply phone your head office in London and tell them, "Come clean about Kincora and the cess pit called the Westminster VIP child sex abuse ring or we will." When you [spooks] goto London and meet up with your work collegues, do you ever ask them "How in the name of fcuk, can you look at yourself in the mirror, kiss your kids or grandkids good night look your wife, partener in the eye knowing you are covering for a child rapist?"

Just how sick do you actually have to be to work for Mi5/6 ? I know at least one of your pay masters is a sick fuck, who gloated on TV about covering up scandals involving little boys.