Sunday, March 29, 2015

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The Extremist Neoliberal Centre Which Dominates English Politics Today Is The Most Dangerous Threat The UK Faces Today

Mick Hall excoriates the Neoliberal political paradigm and advocates in the British political class. Mick Hall is a veteran Marxist activist and trade unionist who blogs at Organized Rage.

Sabre rattling Neoliberals

The Martin Rowson cartoon above sums up perfectly the incompetent neoliberal politicians who have ruled us for the last three decades. Today these people have attempted to use austerity measures not as they claimed as a short-term disruption to balance the books, but to privatise the NHS and demolish the welfare state. Overseas they and their Blairite heroes have fought and lost two wars in just over eleven years and set Libya aflame.

We were only saved from a another disaster by the good sense of Ed Miliband when he refused to support the UK becoming embroiled in the Syrian civil war. In the process they have inflicted havoc and death on the populations of the countries they intervened in. In Iraq and Afghanistan their incompetence forced the British military into an ignoble retreat when they were forced to withdraw from Basra and Helmand province.

Hold on some might say, it was the Blair government which sent the military into Iraq and Afghanistan, which is very true, but without the support of Tory MPs not a single squaddie would have found themselves within either of these god forsaken lands. Almost all of the leading Tories within David Cameron's cabinet today voted in support of both wars.

Cameron, Osborne, May, Grayling, Duncan Smith, Fallon, Hague, and Hammond, were all willing to send other peoples sons to war with Iraq, to kill or be killed on what has been proven to be a wicked lie.

Boris Johnson, possibly the next Tory leader if Cameron loses another general election in May, was no slouch when it came to supporting these bloody conflagrations. Having voted for the invasion and occupation of Iraq on the false pretext that Saddam Hussein's regime harboured al Qaeda terrorists and represented a direct threat to the UK homeland. Which makes him either one of the stupidest politicos in 'Christendom' or a neo liberal cretin who works against the best interest of the people he represents. Either way he is unfit for high office.

Is it any wonder were're still waiting for the Chilcot Report to be published when so many guilty men/women still serve in the British government?

Given the current carnage in the middle east, one would have thought these people would have long ago concluded they were in the wrong job, having made a dreadful error in voting for the Iraq war and supporting military intervention in Afghanistan. Their judgement having proven so faulty, it cost 453 British servicemen and women their lives in Afghanistan and 179 in Iraq. (until 2009) As important it led directly to the avoidable deaths of many tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi, Afghan and Libyan people.

Today they are senior members of a UK government which hasn't learnt a damn thing from the Iraqi, Afghan, and Libyan fiascos, indeed the opposite is true as today they blunder around like bulls in a china shop involving the UK in yet another unnecessary squabble in a far off land.

As I write they're busy in the Ukraine tweaking the Russian bear's tail. As in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya their intervention has stirred ancient hatreds which are way beyond their understanding. When the US Pentagon demands they jump the only question they ask is how high master? Heroic and Triumphant they are not.

Mustafa Kemal, who knew a thing or two about waging war, once said unless a nation's life faces peril, war is murder. If we look at the wars which the neo liberal political elites have got the British people embroiled in, they were all avoidable with a smidgen of tact and common sense. Not one of these countries posed any real threat to the British homeland, nor did the current brouhaha in the Ukraine until these neo liberal morons attempted to stir that explosive gruel.

The only real threats to the British people have been brought about by the neo liberal intervention in the aforementioned nations. It was bad enough these so called masters of war allowed Isis to organise and grow under their very noses in Iraq and Libya. Now we have them tweaking the Russian bears tail. Have these people ever read a history book, have they ever looked at a map of Russia?

Russian is in a far better position to sustain a war today than during the cold war, with China today it has a friendly nation at its back and with its membership of the Brick it has much better relations with the emerging nations than the EU or USA.

“Every nation has the right to demand proper treatment and no country should violate the territory of any other country.” Not one of these Oxbridge and public school educated neoliberal thugs are in a position to lecture Putin, having been party to violating the territory and peoples of three sovereign nations; Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Perhaps their elitist education addled their brains, or maybe they were just born bad. Whatever the reason for their despicable and violent behavior it's become increasingly clear, the extremist neoliberal centre which dominates English politics today is without a shadow of doubt the most dangerous threat these islands have faced since WW2.


DaithiD said...

Its deeper than just a poltical trend Mick, how many times did the word democracy appear in the in the Declaration of Indpendence, or the original Constitution? None.
We are re-learning the hard way democracy and freedom are probably mutually exclusive concepts.
I know the God given rights of constitutional republic would be of equal anathema to you, but its got to better than what we have now?

sean bres said...

Great stuff Mick. We should also add Syria and now Yemen to that ignominious list, we should not discount involvement in proxy interventions, it all traces back to the same people