Monday, March 16, 2015

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Jude The Obscurantist

Thomas Dixie Elliot pulls Jude Collins up on the quality of his public commentary about Sinn Fein abuse scandals. Collins featured Elliot's critique on his blog. Thomas Dixie Elliot is a writer and artist. As a former republican prisoner he took part in the prolonged blanket protest in the H-Blocks.

  • I came across this gutter blogging from none other than Jude Collins. Typically disgraceful muck hurling by the Sycophantic One which you can read for yourself. I wrote this reply which might or might not be carried ....
The opening paragraph should have been warning enough as to the nonsense of this article Jude but it fascinates me as to the levels of nonsense people like yourself are willing to stoop to in order to defend those who destroyed the reputation of a once proud Movement. So I read on.

It did get worse. Victims like Paudie and Mairia Cahill aren't victims, they have an agenda, are anti-peace process, they want to stop SF getting into government. Indo black ops. Did I mention agenda? They pretend they were raped by IRA members in order to keep the status quo intact down South. So wicked are their ways that even a British Secretary of State worried about 'Poor Padraig.' Shaun Woodward must now be beside himself with worry in regards to the IRA leader.

The reason you aren't lining up to apologise to Paudie McGahon with Francie Molloy is that few, except for the odd wandering sheep, actually read this blog. And the media only go after household names.

The 'selective moral indignation' was aplenty when the Catholic Church was at the receiving end. Sure Martina Anderson spoke on the subject with the air of one blessed by angels as I remember. And didn't Mary Lou call for jail time for those who withheld information on abusers?

The thing is, when you lot howl about the media going after Gerry and SF and their political opponents in FF, FG etc using Mairia Cahill in other to undermine their so called 'rise', do you not think that the reason they can do this is because no other political party on this island has so far been linked to rape, child abuse and the cover up of it. Therefore they are able to hold the high moral ground on the matter.

If I were you I would wonder where the next victim or victims will come from next and how you will play it. I heard an interview today and I got the serious impression the interviewer was throwing out serious hints at the person being grilled. Hints about something which is common knowledge not only in the NW but the halls of Stormont. 


AM said...

If the only knowledge we had of wrongdoing in the world was judicially approved knowledge, we would think the world a great place. How much would we actually know about it? Johnny Adair never murdered a Catholic is what we are left with. Most murders could be explained away as not proven on the grounds that they might be manslaughter because no court has decided that they are murder.

It is all deflect, delay, defer. And ultimately rape and sexual abuse is only a minor problem in society given that there is so little of it. Haven't the courts shown that much to us? Icebergs don't exist; just their tips do