Friday, March 6, 2015

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Broad Range of Opinion From Radio Free Eireann

Sandy Boyer outlines the broad range of opinion Radio Free Eireann is bringing to its listeners this weekend.

This Saturday March 7 at 12 Noon New York time Radio Free Eireann will interview Martin Galvin, former Publicity Director of Irish Northern Aid, Brendan Fay, Co-Chair of St Pat's for All, and Tommy McKearney, the former IRA Officer Commanding East Tyrone.

Martin Galvin will rebut Cardinal Timothy Dolan's message equating the IRA to ISIS.

Brendan Fay will talk about last week's St Pat's for All Parade and the March 17th St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Tommy McKearney will discuss Sinn Fein's recent meeting with leading US businessmen to assure them that it doesn't have anti-business policies. 

This will be the last chance to get the dvd "Off Our Knees" the documentary on the Irish civil rights movement written and narrated by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey. in return for a gift of $75 to WBAI. 

Next Saturday, March 14th, Radio Free Eireann will come home to Rocky Sullivan's of Red Hook. Until then, drop by Rocky's anytime for the pizza,the burgers, and a great pint.



James said...

I tried to listen to this, via archives

But it was some Asian doctor talking about health, it certainly any ideas?

DaithiD said...

James , was it Radio Free Arjun you accessed by mistake?

AM said...


a message from a friend:

James is asking where the RFE archive is. Please tell him: Since WBAI changed the time slot for Radio Free Éireann from 1PM to Noon (EST) the archive will appear as "Economic Update" as that was the Noon show before the time change. In other words it goes by time-slot. Just look for the date and click on the Noon show and you'll get RFÉ.